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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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136     Now, when we get on the trumpets, we'll go back there and pick up each one of them wars and show you that they followed them churches, show you they follow these Seals. Wars and rumors of wars... But trumpet denotes political disturbance, whereas seals deals with a religious disturbance. See?


158   Praying that God will so richly bless each of you, that His grace and mercy will be with you through the coming week. And if anything should happen, that one of you may slip beyond the veil now, just remember that it's only a few hours of sleep and rest until we meet. Remember, that, "They which are alive and remain shall not hinder those which are sleeping, for the Trump of God, that last Trumpet..." The sixth one has just sounded. And that last Trumpet, like the last Seal, will be the Coming of the Lord. "It shall sound, and the dead in Christ shall rise first." Just resting till that time.


63    They're in their land. They were scattered, blinded, and now gathered. And it was all under that Sixth Seal, their Seven Trumpets... sounded to gather them together, the Sixth Trumpet. The Seventh is "that Great Trumpet," as we had last Sunday. The Sixth Trumpet sounded under the Sixth Seal. Just like our Sixth Seal opened, everything at the same time; only, theirs all sounded at once; where, we been two thousand years in the pentecostal feast.

67  Remember, right between those Seals, came forth the Sixth Seal. And there was a hundred and forty-four thousand, chosen and called. And between the Sixth and Seventh Trumpet, Revelations 11 appears right there exactly in line with the Sixth Seal.


147   The--the gathering of Israel is the Trumpets. The Trumpets is to gather Israel. Notice, the very First Trumpet sound; blood, fire, hail, and everything, scatter the ground. See? What was He doing? Bringing Israel out of spiritual Egypt, see, back into his homeland.

148    Now let me say this right here, that, every Trumpet that blowed, blowed under the Sixth Seal. We'll get to it in a few minutes, where we caught the Seal there. All the Trumpets sounded under the Sixth Seal.

155  Notice now, exactly, the continuity of the Scripture, exactly the same. Under the Seventh Trumpet, is to Israel the same as the Seventh Seal was to the Church. We find, under the Seventh Seal, that when these souls that was under the altar there, that received robes... They were given robes, not that they earned them, because they were in the dispensation when God was still dealing with grace with the Gentiles, not Jews. Israel is saved as a nation. God deals with Israel as a nation. Gentiles is "a people for His Name," not a nation for His Name. Israel!

266    It's between that Sixth Trumpet, and the Sixth Trumpet and... The Sixth Trumpet and the Sixth Seal sounds at the same time. And between the Sixth Trumpet and the Seventh Trumpet, there is a prophet to appear before the Gentiles, to call the people back to the original pentecostal Doctrine; and the two witnesses of Revelations 11 appear to the Jews, to send them to Jesus, while the Church is being taken up. All of them, prophets! Amen! The Word of the Lord cannot be broken. It won't be a denomination! Do you see it?

275  And the seventh angel's Message, under the same Trumpet, same everything exactly, the same Seal, is to (what?) call the people, the Bride, out of the Pentecostal and world tradition, to the genuine Atonement, the Word, Christ impersonated in His Word here, made flesh among us. Science has proved it, by pictures. The church knows it, the world around. We firmly know it, for He's never told us one thing in THUS SAITH THE LORD but what's been the Truth. Did He not say, down there on the river, "As John the Baptist was sent, so will this Message..."

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