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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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92    I thought, "Maybe that Voice means turn it to the right." And when I did, you see what it is: Hofmann's Head of Christ, at thirty-three. Here, look in here, see His black beard, His face, His eyes, His nose, and everything else. See the part in His hair here coming up. And He's wigged with that white Angel wig to show that the Message of Him being God is the Truth. He is the Supreme Judge of the universe, Supreme Judge of Heaven and earth. He is God, and nothing else but God. He is God expressed in human form called the Son of God, which the Son was the mask. And if that don't make our Message exactly right: identified by the Scripture, identified in service, identified by His Presence, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore those Seven Seals are the Truth, brethren. Might disagree with them, but just set down and study with a open heart one time, just let the Holy Spirit lead you from...


133  Remember, the Seven Seals was finished, and when those seven revealed Truths...


5 Years ago I run through it here, about some twenty years ago I guess, or something like that, but somehow or another I never was just exactly satisfied. It seemed like there was some things especially in these Seals, because those Seals are the entire Book. See? It's the Book. The whole Book is one Book sealed. It starts...

51   Now, the mystery of the Book are revealed when the Seals are broken. And when the Seals completely are broken, the time of redemption is over, because the Lamb left the intercession post to walk out to take His claims. He was a Mediator between that, but when the real revelation happens on the Seals as they begin to break, the Lamb is coming forth from the sanctuary. It's according to the Word. We read it last night. He come from the--out of the midst and took the Book. So He's no more Mediator, because even they called Him a Lion, and that's the--that's the King, and He's not a Mediator then.


266  The Seals was broke. Why? In the last Church Age to reveal these truths. Why? The Lamb broke the Seals and revealed them to His church in order to collect His subjects for His Kingdom, His Bride. See? Oh, my. He wants to bring His subjects to Him now.


141    The mysteries was in the Seven Seals. When these Seven Seals was opened, that opened up the entire Bible. The Seven Seals; It was sealed with Seven Mysteries, and in these Seven Seals held the entire mystery of It. And it was the Book of Redemption, New Testament.

143  Notice now when this Redeemer... John looked around, and here sat God on the Throne, with the Book in His hand, that had been sealed with Seven Seals, and the whole plan of redemption was in it.


51  Now, our Kinsman is handed the seven sealed Book of Redemption from the original Owner. Amen. Who was--we find was the original Owner? God Himself. "And the Lamb came and took the Book out of the right hand of Him that set upon a throne." Who was the Lamb? The Redeemer, our Kinsman Redeemer, the Kinsman to the Church Who come and redeemed Israel.


224    Now the Trumpets is to call them back to that Atonement, see, the Atonement they rejected. And they rejected so our eyes could be opened; theirs was closed. And during this time, these Seals opened up, and the--the--the Trumpets blowed. And now, in the blowing of the Trumpets, just before the Messiah comes, 'cause they've got to be in Palestine. And you remember God had to harden Pharaoh's heart, to run them out of Egypt; and He hardened Stalin, Mussolini, and all that, to get them back into the promised land, where the hundred and forty-four thousand is supposed to be.

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