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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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6               And so they're very loyal to go to church. No matter how cold it is, they'll wrap up in a blanket, and set on a bobsled, and drive the horse for thirty miles to get to go to church. They'll walk through the snowdrifts and everything else, young and old. They all group together. And one family gets the other and they start walking, and they go. It's--it's a sacrifice that they make is what causes them to get so much out of the service. When there's no sacrifice, there's not very much to the service. You have to really get down and do something that hurts real bad, have to lay aside some things and stop the work, and do this or that to get to go to church and show God that you love Him, and you make a sacrifice to go; it's then when you get something out of it.


145               They didn't care because the Spirit of the church in that day was sacrifice, labor. And they walked up just as freely as they could walk, anointed with the true Spirit of God of that age, and died like heroes of sacrifice, thousands times thousands, sixty-eight million of them on the record: ox, sacrifice.

Oh, my. Do you understand it? Okay. All right. Now, the sacrifice, it only could labor in that age to combat the great opposition for that one thousand years.


54                 The--the--the believing worshiper was identified with his sacrifice, by the token. I don't wish to stay too long on these little quotations, but, which you could take the entire service on one of them, but I want to stop here a moment to express that. The--the--the believer had to be identified with his sacrifice. See? If it's just a sacrifice and--and made somewhere out there, he had give it; but he had to be identified in it. Frankly, he had to place his hands on it, first, to identify himself with his sacrifice. And then the blood was placed to where he could stand under the blood. The blood must be over him. And that was a token that he had identified himself, guilty, and had proven that an innocent substitute had taken his place.

64-0308  THE.TOKEN_  DALLAS.TX  V-19 N-12 

37                 Now we find out our identification with our Sacrifice, the Life of the Sacrifice in us, which is the Holy Spirit. When that cell was broke, it released God, released God, that He had sanctified a people with His Own Blood and put God in the man again. God in you, Eternal Life!


81    And notice Cain. He didn't want no blood sacrifice. He come down and offered the fruit, or--or the fields of beauty upon his altar. Very religious, done everything, that, just exactly like Abel done; offered a sacrifice, fell down before God in worship, obedient in every way, but without the revelation of the Word.

And the Word was, from the beginning, God's plan. But God revealed, by revelation, the very thing that He vindicated and punctuated that that was right. Not religion, not an altar, not belonging to church, not making a sacrifice, not being sincere; but by the revelation of the Word of God. God revealing to him what that it...

65-1212  COMMUNION_  TUCSON.AZ  V-8 N-4 

38               Even the sacrifice, said, "Your holy days and your sacrifice become a stench in My nose." Yet He ordained them to make that sacrifice. But the way they treated it, it become a stench, stink in His nose (His nostrils), the very sacrifice that He ordained.

39    That's the way we take the Word of God, too many Christians today (so-called) does that. We stand up here and teach this Word, and say, "Jesus Christ isn't the same yesterday, today, and forever," and teach the things that He promised us that He would honor, and say, "Oh, well, that was for something else," our solemn worships just become a stink in His nose. He will not receive it, by no means. That's the reason, by our traditional habits!

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