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The Holy Ghost

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186 Knowledge; not worldly (it reasons). Any kind of worldly knowledge reasons. See? But faith has no reasoning. God reveals to you a certain-certain thing is going to happen, every scientist in the world could tell you, "It's contrary. It could not happen." You believe it, anyhow. See? Yes, sir. It doesn't reason. The Bible said, "We cast down reasons." You don't reason with faith. Faith has no reasoning. Faith knows where it's at. Faith acts. Faith holds on. It can't move. Nothing can move it. I don't care whatever says this, that, other. It doesn't move, a bit. It stays right there, wait, wait, wait, wait. Don't make any difference. It stays right there.


153 That's what He give Eve to arm herself with. And she broke her armor down. How'd she do it? By opening up her mind to reason. You don't reason with God's Word. It has no reason. You... It's just God's Word. There's no--there's no doubt about It. There's no reasoning to It. It's God's Word. That settles it. That's got it. That settles it forever.


129 Spiritual Eve, now that's the Church, Christ's Bride, she fell not in Eden but in Rome. See? At the Nicene Council when she rejected that Pentecostal church that went down to Nicaea and listening to Roman's reasoning instead of holding on to the Word, she fell and everything away from her, died with her, around her.

131  Now, just as natural Eve fell, spiritual Eve fell. God's bride fail--fell in the garden; Christ's bride fell in Rome (See? Notice.) by the same reasoning against God's Word. She also forfeited her rights of virtue to Satan, which we found in the breaking of these Seals that that was Satan and still is Satan there. The Bible said it's the very seat of Satan.

And as Eve forfeited her--her virtuous rights and give them over to Satan in the garden of Eden, the church, the bride of Christ did the same thing at Rome when they forfeited the Bible for their dogmas and reasoning. See how it types?


65    So Satan tried to--to attack the Word, in the garden of Eden. So he had to have something now that he could use, to--to the human being, would look better than that Word. See? He had to have something that would look better, to the human being, than Word. And do you know what he used? Reasoning, just what we'd say, "common sense." See? So that's what he used, and he succeeded, so that's what he's used, all along.


141    But he believed instead of unbelieving; and called the things, which were not, as though they were, which was absolutely against any reasoning. But he didn't reason. He just believed it. There was no reasons could prove that that baby could be born. That woman was about twenty years past menopause, and his body was as good as dead. And when he was a hundred years old, twenty-five years later, he still was giving God praise, against any kind of an understanding. But by faith, he knowed that God would keep His Word. He leaned not to his own understanding.


66  Now, in this camp, miracles, signs, and wonders was in this camp.

They moved them out into the wilderness. They left their natural camp. They left the mud camp. They left the camp made with straw and brick, to dwell in tents out in the wilderness, where there was no grain or nothing else. Sometimes God asks us to do foolish things, to our own thinking. And if you ever leave the camp of your own reason, that's the place you'll find God.

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