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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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52 And you know the Bible said, "There'd be a beast." And we know that's the Roman papacy. That's exactly right. And then they would form an image to that beast. What is an image? Something made like it. And that's the confederation of churches, and Pentecost is in it. It'll come a time where you'll either belong to an organization or you can't keep your door open. Now you see if that isn't true! That's the reason we pound it to death. Yes, sir. Your unable... Lower than that, they'll try to stick you so bad, till they try to... won't let you buy or sell unless you've got that organization mark on you. It brings it right in.


185 When pagan Roman become papal Rome, it never ceased. The system of Romanism ceased; when a new king come in, he just set up a new order. But when it come into pagan Roman through the Catholic church, through papalism, it never ceases. If one pope dies, they set up another one; one pope dies, they set up another one. "The beast which was, which is not, yet is; which is not, which yet is; which... and shall go into perdition." THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, through the Scripture.


45    And what did Rome do? Was converted from pagan Rome unto papal Rome, and organized a system, a universal system, that forced everybody to that one religion or be put to death.


213         Here comes the pope, the head, to the woman; the false antichrist to the false bride, of science. Which, our world, our American eastern world here, or Western World, has led the world, in science. Comes to her, in his scientific church, and now all Protestants is bowing to him, see, on thirteen. You see it? Everything is in a thirteen. Our whole nation, everything else, is thirteen, a woman's world. See, here we are, we got it. It turned into a woman's world in the garden of Eden, but it'll be God's world someday. Notice now.

Now, also, these prophets and things has foretold it.

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