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127    That's what a minister is. He don't preach what he wants to preach. He just gets hisself out of the way, it's a gift, and inspiration comes, and he--he speaks through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Any other gift is the same way. Now, ministerial gifts, and so forth, has been. There is, first, of God-given gifts, is, "first apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, and evangelists." That's the offices. That's our gifts.


6   And, now, I think any minister ought to do that, ought to first go, himself. He is supposed to be a leader, a leader of people, not speak something that he wouldn't put his hand on, himself. We should go there, leaders of the people.


181 And now they won't believe if a--a godly minister, ordained of God, with the Gospel, can tell them. They still don't, won't believe it. See? See? Just so dull, dark! Honest to goodness, the whole world, look like it's got a pressure on it. Just, I don't know how to explain it, but it's here. Friends, wake up! It's later than we think.


166 My! Did you notice? Stars, candlesticks, lamps. What does it mean? What does this mean? That the dispensation that we're living in is nighttime, candles and lights and stars mean night. And what does a star do? It reflects the light of the sun until the sun returns. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! And a true minister of God don't reflect some flashlight, some match stem, some shuck burning; he reflects the golden rays of Christ to the Church, that "He's the same, and He's alive, and He's shining on me." Amen! That's the Light he reflects. The star reflects the light of the sun, see, so we're reflecting the Light of the Son of God. Doing the same thing He did, giving Light. What kind of light? Gospel light to those.


17 And as I, so busy with trying to stay under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, to find what the--the hour, the Message of the hour is, I sometimes fail to get out and do my duties as a servant of Christ, as a minister. But I've got several men who try to help me to do this, to which I'm thankful for, all my minister brothers.


221    There is no minister that can marry a widow. Did you know that? You want to read that? All right, you get in the Leviticals, Leviticus 21:7 and Ezekiel 44:22, and It'll show you that the priesthood was not to marry a woman that's been touched by man


55  And any time that a believer, gets off of his God-given grounds... Many times in politics, this election coming up and so forth, a good man can be a good man, and he'll wander off of those grounds. Like a certain minister I know run to be mayor of the city. And when he did--got off of his ministerial grounds, and Satan overtook him.


52 The minister's got a place of duty to stand and preach the unsearchable riches of Christ without compromising, if he's called to be a preacher. He wouldn't spare one thing for one person if he's called to be a preacher.


71  And I--I'm believing that the day that we're living now, the most essential thing that I could think of any minister speaking of, is to get the people back to the general principles of the Gospel, coming back to a place.


20 And a minister gets in the same way, when you're... especially an apostle. Or--or, what... Well, an apostle is a missionary. The word mission-- "apostle" means "one sent." And why the missionary wants to be called a missionary, instead of an apostle, I don't know. The Bible order of it is, is apostle. And so then he's sent out. He's not exactly has to be a minister. He... Apostle don't have to be a minister; he just has to be one that's sent. God sent him to do certain things.

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