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The Holy Ghost

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116    And now in the last church age, we find here that they're naked again, and don't know it. But it's not the Holy Spirit veil. It's the veil that Satan slipped over Eve back there, a veil of lust, the lust veil. They are so filthy till they don't know that they are naked, our women on the street, with shorts on, sexy dress.


134  Now look at the--the Laodicean Church Age. She, Eve, is sitting as Satan's queen. "She is rich in worldly goods; blind, naked again, and don't know it," just like it was in God's Eden. But now, not because the Holy Veil is over her face, but the lust veil. That, she took off God's Holy Veil, and put on a veil of knowledge, for lust. And now she has a lust veil, that she is "blind" to it being sin. She is "naked" on the street, "and don't know it." She's a prostitute on the street. Women with these shorts on, in God's sight, is a prostitute, "and don't know it."

136  Now notice, perverted from innocence. Don't miss this now. The church has been with this lust veil on. Notice what it's done to her. It's--it's perverted her from innocence to knowledge. See? The Holy Veil, she was innocent; with the lust veil, she is knowledge. She knows it's pleasant. She knows what it does, see. It's a fruit, a tree to be desired, making one wise. See? She is perverted from innocent to knowledge, from holiness to filth and lust, and from Life to death.


271  The rich man looked and seen exactly Who He was. See? But he refused to follow Him, because he loved the things of the world, too much, to follow Jesus.

272    How many a rich man will listen at this tape, of that type! Don't have to be always rich in money; no, you can be rich in lust, rich in pleasures of this life.


405  Lust for money, lust for big things, lust for popularity, these things are dead to the believer. We don't care. A tent or a cottage, why should I care; live or die, sink or drown? This is the thing that I'm interested in, the Kingdom of God.


157 You do it, and you do it because that a spirit of lust is up. And you men that'll let your wives do those kind of things, I've got little hopes of you as a man. That's right. That's right. Now, there's no compliments on that, because... or no apology. Because, that's true. Any man that'll let his wife get out on the street and act like that, brother, you ought to be wearing her clothes. That's right. You, why, my!


257    Just take the Spirit of love, that was the great fountain of God, pure, unadulterated. From that, come in a perverted love. Then it come into human love. Then it come into sexual love. Then it come into other loves, loves and loves, and just keeps perverting down till it becomes to just filth. But all those things had a beginning. And someday it'll wind right straight back to the original; it's Eternal; where lust, human love, passionate love, all those loves will have to cease.


288    God could not suffer in Spirit. He had to become flesh, to feel the pain of sickness, to feel the temptation of lust, to feel the temptation of want, to feel the temptation of hunger, to feel the power of death. That He might take it upon Hisself to stand in the Presence of the great Spirit Jehovah, the Spirit, not the Man; the Spirit, to make intercession to this life. And Jesus took that, in order to make intercession for us, for He knows how it feels. When you get sick, He knows how you feel. When you're tempted, He knows how you feel.


148 That was the person's question. All right. I believe that they wasn't Angels. See, they were beings, sons of God, like the Scripture says. Not angels, they were sons of God. And they come from heaven to the earth, and was put into flesh, not pressed themselves into flesh. I believe all flesh is born sexual outside of Jesus Christ. I believe He's the only virgin-born Being that ever was: Jesus Christ. And I--I don't agree with Josephus on that, on the great historian. But I do believe that they were supernatural beings that come down and took over the spirit of men. And I believe they're right here yet today, still walking around in Jeffersonville today, them same beastly, lustfully, ungodly spirits, that live right in human beings.

Now, someday these men will die; and if there's another generation, they'll come right down on them.

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