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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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60    You could take the orneriest woman in the town, the worst man; if they had a baby, it would have to come from the Lord, because God has laws set together. And these laws, like the sun to raise; you put a cocklebur in a good field, it'll grow. And it has to grow, because it's God's law. When seed is planted, it must grow. And nothing can grow life but God, because it operates under His laws. Therefore when the evil seed was planted in the womb of--of Eve, it had to bring forth, because it's God's law of production. And it could do nothing else but bring it, and it had to come from God.

261    Why is there such things as that? It's a law of God, the law of contrasts. How will we know how to enjoy the daylight if there wasn't a night? How will we know how to enjoy the dry weather if there wasn't rain? How would we know to enjoy and respect a real woman, if there wasn't a dirty one?


21 Now, we took this text out of Deuteronomy. It's a Greek word which has a compound meanings, or, it means, "two laws." The Greek word, Deuteronomy, means "two different laws." And that's just what God has, two different laws. And one of them is a law of death, and the other one is a law of Life. God has two laws. To follow Him, and serve Him and worship Him, is Life; to reject It is death. There is two laws in God.


340    I don't care if a--if a... the orneriest woman in the town and the orneriest man, and unmarried and everything, would have an--an affair, and live together and bring forth a child; that child would have to come by the law of God, 'cause there's no other way. If you don't, you make Satan a creator, and then he's a god. Oh, how blind can you be! See, God's law, certainly.

345    Like you took a field and disc it all up, and--and put a spray on it, and spray all the germs out of it. And not--not even grass or nothing could grow in it; and then you fertilize again, sow some good seed in there. If the enemy comes and sows some other seed, the same law of God will ripen both seeds.


35    Now I was thinking, as I was looking out the window a little while ago, and looking at the setting of the sun and seeing how all nature has a law. And when the wintertime comes, the law, automatically, of nature, runs the sap down into the tree roots. It buries.

36    As Job said, "Oh, that Thou would hide me in the grave, that Thou would keep me in the secret place until Thy wrath be." And now, that's it, "If Thou would hide me!"


80    Watch ducks and geese unite themselves together before they leave their country. See? They unite together. You can see them flying from this pond to that pond, from here over to there, all of them getting together. They're uniting, getting ready for their take off. See, it's just... that's nature, and God created nature, and nature works by the plan of God. It's a law, an unwritten law of God, that nature works according to His law.


110 What would you think if Jap--Japan or--or some--Russia would come in and say, "Get out of here. Get back out here." And--and do us and our children the way we did those Indians? But remember, we've sowed, and now we're going to reap. That's the law of God, you know. There's a planting time and then a harvest time. I think that it's too bad; yes, sir.


261    Now listen. We got two. We got a picture here, now. Now right here is where we're going to get some great disagreements. Now you've got to see where the picture is. Paul is trying, here, to separate law from grace. We've got two pictures: one, the carnal; one, the spiritual. And Paul is trying to--to deviate between the two, to show the Jews. This letter is to the Hebrews. And all the Hebrews is trying to show the pattern of the Old Testament typing the New. So, you got two pictures here under consideration.


4 And that's the reason I think that we'll appreciate heaven so much, because we've lived on earth once. And I think the law of contrast. The reason that we appreciate the Holy Spirit so much tonight, is because we lived so long in a church that told us there was no such a thing. The reason we appreciate It tonight because we have had the other side. And that's the way God has intended it to be, because His people has had their ups-and-downs. You never know how to appreciate a mountain top unless you've been in the valley. And so you never know how to appreciate good water unless you drink some bad sometime. And then you--you... All the way through it's a law of contrasts.

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