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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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76 And now we find, always, that when these natural and spiritual, spirits of churches and organizations, meet, there is always a clash. It's never failed to be so. It always clashes. Because, we find that in there is a jealousy. And there... In this jealousy, it causes carnal comparisons, impersonations. And we find it in today, as it was then. When God does something for an individual, everybody tries to copy just like God did for that person. See, it causes a competition, and it makes carnality. And then if they cannot, the other side, get the spiritual results, then they take it by a political power, or they substitute something, to upset the people's minds, to draw disciples after themselves.

77    That's exactly what took place at the very beginning; as Cain and Abel, both boys here on earth. And when Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, and God vindicated Abel, by coming down and receiving his sacrifice; it caused jealousy with Cain, because he was jealous of his brother, and slew his brother.

90  Notice, and it's always caused the natural to hate the spiritual. It caused Cain to hate Abel. It caused Korah to hate Moses. It caused Judas to hate Jesus. And on and on it goes. It causes the natural to hate the spiritual, just as Cain at the beginning hated Abel, the one that God received the sacrifice from, and tries to destroy them.

Even they try to destroy the influence. They try to destroy everything, because it's nothing but jealousy. It started in Cain and proved that it was jealousy, and it's still the same thing today when the natural (the carnal) and the spiritual meet together. It proves it's Satan, no other way, because jealousy comes from Satan. And then causes an impersonation of the Truth, somebody to try to impersonate something that isn't, they are not ordained to do. How much of that have we seen in these last days! Oh, my, how much of it!


284    Like the man was, when he still had hatred, malice and strife in him; when the Fire baptism come, it cleaned it off. No more jealousy, no more of nothing; it's just absolutely is a dwelling place for God. And, remember, that's His delegation that's going to meet Him over yonder. Amen! Oh, what a...


100 That's exactly the truth. But, brother, when you pass between here and yonder, it ain't that way there. Oh, my. It's so, oh, there's... It's impossible. It's all love. Everything is real brother and everything's real sister. There's no death, no sorrow, no jealousy, no nothing, nothing can enter there. It's just perfection. That's what I'm striving for. That's what I'm placing for.


174 Could you call God a murderer? And Adam was the son of God. The Bible said that Adam was the son of God, that pure beginning back there. Adam was God's son, and that jealousy and envy and everything could not come out of that pure stream. It had to come through another place.


254 Your old nature died, the nature of the world, and you become a new creation. And your desires, that old life that had a beginning when God breathed the breath into your nostrils, when you were born, that life of carnal nature died. And it had a beginning and it had an end, and it died and was done away with forever, the old nature. And God came in with the new Nature. Then, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, peace, patience, and meekness, and kindness, that entered; and taken the place of malice, and temper, and hatred, and--and emulation, strife, and all those things. It took its place, when you passed from death unto Life. You get it, real close, now?

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