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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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92 And, also, the simplicity, simplicity of the message and the messenger! Noah wasn't scientific. He wasn't an educated man. He was a poor farmer, humble, with a simple message. It was too simple for their high learning.

So is it today! God always makes it simple, to get the people who will believe and trust Him. It's a different, just a different Message, but the same God. Now I want you to believe It and understand that God has spoke It.


247 They said, "This guy? Huh. What'd he say? What--what--what time it was? Oh, ignorance. We've got the man right up there, Brother Jones; he's the guy will do that if there's anybody in this day, he will do it. See? Bishop So-and-so will do it, Holy Father So-and-so." Oh, my. See? God in simplicity (See?), working in simplicity...


52 Now, we don't want to never think that because some little wash woman or--or little plow boy out there couldn't get a revelation from God, because (You see?) it's--God, He actually reveals Himself in simplicity. That's... We had that Sunday to start this off on--how He reveals Hisself in His simplicity. That's what makes Him great.


113  It is strange to think how that God does such a thing as that. God will hide Himself in something so simple that'll cause the wise to miss it a million miles and then turn right back around in that, some simple thing in the simplicity of His way of working and reveal Hisself right out again.

I thought it made a--a text that we might study this before we go into the--the--the great teachings of the Seven Seals. Many miss Him by the way He reveals Himself.

162 So, see, it's the simplicity of it, just simple. That's where God lays.


182    That's not the way God polishes His. He don't polish His with education. He polishes in humility, in--in power of His manifested Word, showing of the shape of the Grain that It went from.


88 Now, could you imagine when this person comes on the scene--when he does, remember, it'll be so humble and things till the churches will miss it a long ways. And could you imagine the churches, still under the tradition of the reformers, would ever receive a prophet from God who would be firmly against their teachings and organizations?


E-6  And today, my Scripture reading comes from Christ, where He entered the temple and said that He was to preach the acceptable year. And the anointing of the Lord was upon Him; He read the Book and set down. It said precious words proceeded from His lips.

Back in the Old Testament there was a--a year called the year of jubilee. It was the year that all of the captives could be set free. Every man that had been in captivity could go free. It has a great meaning to this day of what that stood for as a type.

Now, today it... Many hundred years has passed, but the same God that sent the Jubilees in them days is the same God Who sends Jubilee today. All the people that had been captured, and was in captivity there come an acceptable year and when the trumpet sounded. The... All the ones that were in captivity didn't have to pay any price, they could absolutely go free. They could drop their hoe if they were hoeing, or whatever they were--instrument they were working with and could go and be free. That was by choice. If they did not want to be free, then they would be called into the temple and their--their master would take an awl, bore the ear, which would mark them to serve this master forever. And how typical that is of today. And how typical it was of fifty years ago when the Holy Spirit first fell in that barn down here where I'm taught that it was a cow barn. When Jesus first come to earth in the form of flesh, God, He was born in a manger. And when He come to Los Angeles He still come to a barn. That's the humility of God, bringing yourself down in order to redeem us from sin.

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