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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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135    How about in our priesthood? Tonight I got a piece out of the paper. Over in Los Angeles, California, of where a bunch of clergymen, Baptist and Presbyterians, ministers, brought a bunch of homosexuals in and practiced homosexual, saying they was trying to win them to God. When, that's one of the curses of the hour, a Sodomite! And the law even arrested them.

136 Then where we at? Our whole system has rottened out from under us. I seen the increase in homosexual across the United States has increased twenty or thirty percent over last year. Think of that, man living with man, just exactly like they did in Sodom.


61 You know, homosexual is on the increase about forty percent in the United States, over the year ago. And did you know that science claims that women are getting wider in their shoulders and narrow in the hips, and men are getting narrow in their shoulders and wider in the hips? You're eating a perverted seed, you're eating perverted stuff. Your body was made to thrive on the natural thing. And what's it doing? It's changing even the natural course of men and women, till Hollywood, even our government, and everything is full of perverts. What's he doing? They're bringing it on themselves by their own tree of knowledge, killing themselves.


31 They're working here today: gaiety, and glamour, and crack wild jokes and all the dirty things on radio, television, not even censored or nothing else, and perverting, sometimes, the Gospel to a social affair. The whole world has become perverted. But the same time the world has become perverted, the believers become converted in the Lord in the power of God, by the working and appearing of omnipotence. How that God in His mercy is showing forth these things...


152 Let me show you where it come from. In the First World War, when France over there turned away from God in their gay '90's, and begin...


56 But, see, what did it do? (Then the man was picked up right there by the--the FBI from here, sent up there and picked him up up there, the Royal Mounted Police.) And the ministerial association come to me, and, "A homosexual," they say, "why, Brother Branham's probably the same thing. That's just the way it runs, see." What is it doing? To give the trumpet an uncertain sound. See? Just exactly. That's the way it always is, trying to do things like that to give an uncertain sound. That's Satan's business to do that.

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