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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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2 Now, I have been asked several times, "Brother Branham, when you going to start healing services?" We have them every night. We're talking about the healing of the soul right now. And then we can--the other will take--automatically take place. As long as we can get the soul straightened out, then we can have faith.


189    And if out across the land, or even in here now, that there's some that's sick and afflicted, and has to be gone for tonight, won't be here, or be out there in the churches or places where they're met; I pray You heal them. Now, Lord, but for the greatest of all healing! If You heal their physical body from cancer, TB, pneumonia, something, they'll get sick again, no doubt, if they live very long, for their body is still under sin, the curse. But let them get the--the real Divine healing, the healing of the soul, which makes a new creature, passes from death unto Life, and then waiting in this old tabernacle for the redemption of the body after the soul has been redeemed. Grant it, Lord.


97 Now, the Devil say, "See, He delays." That don't make any difference. Daniel prayed one time and it was twenty-one days before the Angel ever got to him, but he wasn't discouraged, he knowed He'd come anyhow, so he just waited till He got there. That's right. Oh, that's when you're getting faith. Now we have to get off of that, we'd have a healing service right quick, wouldn't we? That's right. Yeah, of faith. But we want a soul-healing service, to heal the inside, because that is what's going to last, you get Eternal Life. Eternal Life does not vanish or grow old, it stays, remains the same.


430    The leaves will be for the healing of the nations. That is, the kings that live in there, bringing their honor in, when they bring their honor in and lay it before the Throne of God. Just like the outside, the ten... the eleven tribes brought in, every one of them, a tenth to Levi, see. When they bring their honor into the... from the blessed land, in that, they'll reach from the Tree of Life, break off a holly leaf... or a Tree of Life leaf, and they'll walk out together. There is no more war. Everything is at peace. The leaves are a memorial, for the healings of the nation.


1 Hardly for a meeting... This meeting is to be a little different meeting than what we usually have here. Mostly every time when we come together here, it's a meeting to--for the healing of the sick and for the--a physical needs. It's... The emphasis is put upon that. But tonight we have started this revival for the healing of the soul, the--the spirit of the man.


E-33  And as long as men and women, Protestant and Catholic, Jew, or whatever they may be, as long as there is something in their heart calling for healing from God, there's got to be some place they can go and find that healing, or there has to be a Creator to create that desire before there could be a desire.

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