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The Holy Ghost

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140    These things that's supposed to happen, all these women with short hair, and these man wearing their... like they got hair like their wives. I see them, absolutely, have these roller-curlers in their hair, curl it up here in front. What a perversion! That's the results of Satan's Eden. And like her, she's trying to cut her hair like her husband. Her husband's letting his hair grow like his wife. And she is wearing his clothes, and he's wearing her underneath clothes. See, there you are. She's getting masculine, and he's getting feminish. See, it's Satan's Eden, contrary to what God made it at the beginning. That's the Truth.


174 How can the Word pregnate a person: how can a bobbed-haired woman, painted face, wearing shorts?

175    How can a preacher, goes out here to a seminary, and looks at Acts 2:38 and sees that there's not a person in the Bible ever baptized in those titles, and then still say he's pregnated with the Word of God? Telling you a lie! He sold his birthright. He's committed adultery against the very Thing that he said. He is put away, in divorce.


251    A Seed cannot. A Seed of God cannot bring forth a bob-haired woman. It cannot do it. Just can't do it, 'cause the Bible said so. See, It can't do it. No, sir.

Now it seems so hard to humble to God's Word.

65-0919  THIRST_  TUCSON.AZ  V-16 N-6

82    But the way they are on the street today, hair cut like a man, wearing man's clothes; and then man turn around, wearing women's clothes, and a haircut like a woman. See, it's a perversion, the whole thing! Your food is perverted. Your life is perverted. Your thirst, perverted. Your desire is perverted. It's a day of perversion!

65-0919  THIRST_  TUCSON.AZ  V-16 N-6

189  I like to see a man when he's a man. I hate to see one with his wife's underclothes on out here, and slipped up along the side; and--and a roller hanging down here in front, and two cones of hair hanging down like bangs, cut in front. That, I--I couldn't call that a man. He don't know what side of the race he belongs on. See? That's right. You see the woman, look, the woman is trying to cut her, make her hair like the man; the man is trying to make his hair, bangs, like the woman. The man is wearing his wife's underneath clothes; she is wearing his overalls. See, just a perversion, right around.


179    For, God's Word said, "It's a shame for a woman to cut her hair. She'll dishonor her head." If she dishonors her husband, and her husband is the Church, and the Church is Christ, she is a dishonorable religious prostitute; naked and don't know it. Naked! Don't the Bible said, "The woman's covering is her hair"? Isn't the hair give to her for a covering?


96   What is the woman's beauty and honor? Is her hair. That's the reason many of you women today cut it all off. That's wrong. She, she took her hair and begin to wash the... His feet, and wipe them, her--her pretty hair, taking the stink off of Him, upon herself, bearing His reproach. Oh, my! That's when you recognize Who is in your presence. See? Our sisters would have to almost stand on their head, to get enough hair to do that. So there she washed His feet, and wiped them with the hairs of her head, and she kissed His feet.


159 God said, "It's an abomination in His sight for a woman to put on a garment... " And when a woman cuts her hair like a man... God wants a woman to look like a woman, dress like a woman, act like a woman.

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