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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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83 – 85  I want to name three things here that she must not get away from. Now, I'm speaking, keep the church in mind while I'm speaking this to the natural woman, as Paul is here, in 7th chapter of Romans.

She has a sacred trust of virtue committed to her by her Lord, a certain virtue. Nothing else holds it but a woman. Right. That's committed to her by God. She must not defile that virtue.

If she even does something wrong, she must confess that to her husband before he takes her, and make it right. The same as the church that was married to the law, has to come also before Christ, before the second marriage. She has to confess that. If she doesn't, and she lives with her husband for ten years and then confess it, he has a right to put her away and marry another woman. That's the Scripture. Fornication is unclean living.


Balaam, anointed with the same Spirit that was upon Moses. What was the difference? The teaching of Moses was perfect. The Bible said here in Second Peter, that it was "the teaching of Balaam" that Israel received, that God never did forgive. Unpardonable sin! Not a one of them got saved, though they had come out under the blessings of God, and seen the hand of God moving by this mighty prophet, and seen it exactly vindicated by God. And, because, another prophet come in with a teaching, contrary, and disputed with Moses, and tried to prove to the people that Moses was wrong. And Dathan, Korah, and many of them, agreed with him and taught the children of Israel to commit fornications, to go after his organization, that, "We're all the same."

"Whether we're Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, or Pentecostals, and whatmore, we're all the same."


139  Now, in Revelation 17 (if you want to mark it down), John was taken in the Spirit and saw a great whore setting upon... (And, we read it last night.)... And there was the seven hills and exactly what she done, and she had given the world her filthy fornications. Is that right? And all the kings of the earth committed fornications with her--cheating, stealing, lying, paying for repentance, and novenas, and every other thing.


329 What is "fornication?" Is "unrighteous living." That's her doctrine she was giving out, taking the Word of God and making it of none effect by some, "Hail, Marys," and all this other kind of stuff and giving it out, and the kings of the earth committed fornications with her. Well, you say, "That's the Catholic church."


46 What is fornication? "Uncleanness, to be unclean." She's a whore. She's got uncleanness about her, and all the rich people of the world, the kings and great men of nations and multitudes, have committed fornications with her, has taken of her evils. You see where it's coming to, don't you? You see?



E-13  And they had a queen there by the name of Jezebel, and she had led all the children of Israel astray with her modern, fantastic way of living. She'd caused them to commit fornications and to do evil things. If that isn't a good parallel to today...


82 That is husband and wife, which is type of Christ and His Church. And when you go to your church, you may have the best pews in the city; you may have the highest steeple there is in the city; you may have the best pipe organ; you may dress the best; you may sing like a mockingbird; but all of that, if you're kissing and flirting with the world, that kiss on the cheeks of Christ is a Judatarian kiss. He doesn't want nothing to do with you. He looks upon your wedding engagement ring, and He finds the tablet moved; He finds love has gone; it's a form. He finds loyalty is gone. You've committed fornications with the world. You go to dances, and boogie-woogie parties, and watch old dirty television programs. You are committing adultery with Christ, on Him, as calling Him your Husband.

91 When you get down to your altar to pray, is your heart so true and your soul so unadulterated that you say, "Lord God, let us take our love," and you say, "Yes, my Lover, I love You"? Or, have you been committing fornication? Have you been flirting with the world?


183 And these people, these churches claim to be God's servants, and God's church, and tolerate, and do the things of the world. They commit spiritual fornication. They let their congregations paint, their women wear shorts. And they let them go out and dress like the world and never condemn it. They let the men smoke a social cigarette and take a drink of liquor. They let them have their little card parties, and play pool in the basement, and have the proms and dances in the church, and soup suppers and ever other thing, and teach their little petty theology instead of Word of the living God. You know that's the truth.

184  It's petty, juvenile, sissified, I don't know what, of the devil. And in Christ's Name I condemn it in the light of God's Word and say, "We must be a regenerated, Holy Ghost inspired, borned again, walking in humility and in the Presence of God, to ever make the rapture in the days to come. Turn from the things of God, these people. To your knees you Church of God, who claim that you kissed of the realm of the blessings of God. Stay with God's Word, and anything that's contrary to It, stay right away from it and keep moving on. The evening lights are here. The Lord Jesus is soon coming.

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