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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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One of the greatest curses on the church today is fear. Everybody's scared to death; it's "What's going to happen, who, what?"


Think of it: no fear. That's the greatest plague there is in the Christian Church today, is "afraid." And the reason they're afraid is because they're not taught right, and settled right, on the Gospel.


31 And I--I believe that this church has a pastor that would stand on Truth, regardless of what come or went. I believe that. That's my confidence in my--my son. And I--I believe that. And I... And he's a fearless as fearless can be. And you... I believe he's an honorable, holy man, sent from God, with a ministry for this last day. And he preaches the same portion of the Word that I preach, that's from Genesis to Revelations, just the way It's wrote. And I like that. No compromising, just stay right with the Word, and I like that.


223 How could God ever bless such a thing, as long as they deny the very Word of God? How can He bless anything besides His Word, something that's contrary to His Word? How can He deny It?

224    How can you bless a cancer that's eating you up? How could you bless a--a--a electric wire that you're holding, you say, "Oh, hold me and burn me up"? That'd be insane.

225    How can God bless anything that's against His Word? So get back to the Word! Uh-huh.

226    You bunch of preachers, like hound dogs, matter with you? You go out here and sell your birthrights for a mess of pottage, to ride around in some Cadillac or something, or some big, high mansion somewhere, and a big million-dollar church. And all those things like that, and sell out your birthrights, and ashamed and afraid to preach the Word of God to your congregation. Say, ain't you ashamed of yourself? And call yourself a servant, a prophet of God, selling your birthrights for a mess of the world. What will you hatch out? The same as Esau did. Oh, what a disgrace!


118 There come a time when God's army had got cowardly and was afraid of a man, and that stood on the side of a hill. When they let one man that was three times any of their size, stand out on the side of a hill, and say, "Now, you trust in a real God, you say. Well, one of you fellows come out and fight me, and we won't--we won't have any bloodshed." The enemy of God had backed the church of God against the hillside, and they were taking it. They were afraid. They were cowards.


Yes, and let the poor, sainted needy come into the church, and they're a rebuke to you. You don't even want them there. You're afraid somebody will say "Amen!" while you're preaching.



And, oh, I tell you, some people's afraid to receive the Holy Ghost, afraid that they might speak with tongues. They're afraid that somebody would say, "Now, he's one of them tongues guys." They're afraid to come to the church to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, because they're ashamed of It. Uh. Oh.


You know why? You got some sissies behind the pulpit. That's exactly right. Somebody's afraid their meal ticket, afraid you'd excommunicate them, run them out of the church. They didn't have the very audacity to stand and stand on God's Word whether It hurt or whether It didn't. That's exactly right.


355  It depends on what seed is sowed in your heart. If you come to church just because you're afraid of hell, if you join church because you don't want--you don't want to go to hell, you're still a cocklebur. If you--if you join church just to be popular, you're still a cocklebur. If you done all these formal things that's to be done, and that's all you got, you're still a cocklebur.


104 Your church puts up with it. Your preacher's afraid to say anything, afraid that you won't pay in your tithes any more. That's the reason. That's the trouble. My goodness, how you going to preach to a bunch of buzzards 'less you get them converted and right with God to begin with? They'll root their nose in dead stuff all the time. What you need is a dumping out and an old fashion revival sweep from coast to coast to get men and women right with God. Let loose the things of the world. Let loose of petty soft pedal preaching. Amen. Preach the Gospel. God said so. "If you love the world or the things of the world, the love of God's not even in you."

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