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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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173  He keeps you from seeing the true revelation and faith of God's Word being revealed and vindicated today, by his schools, libraries, literature, hospitals, and so forth. See? He keeps you from it. He is now interpreting, as he did to Pharaoh, trying to keep you from seeing the meaning of the vindicated Word of His promised age in the evening Light, vindicated and proved. He has tried, by his knowledge, and schools, and better educated people, and ethics, and so forth, to keep you away from seeing That.

Anything, so that you won't look at That and see that's Jesus Christ! How you know it's Jesus Christ? He is the Word, and He's the Word of this age. And this age, said that this would take place in this age, and here it is happening. See? See? He trying his best to keep you from seeing That.

He'll tack any dirty name onto It he can. See? He'll call It "holy-rollers" and everything else. He called Jesus "Beelzebub." "And they call the Master of the house Beelzebub, how much more they going to call the disciples?" See?



68   Now, the only thing you have to do then, is have faith in what you are. Have faith in what the Word says you are! And Jesus had faith in the Word of God, that said what He was, "It is written of Me." Didn't David, in the Psalms; and the prophets, and all of them speak of Him? "I am the Bread of Life that come from God out of Heaven." Amen! "I am that Tree of Life from the garden of Eden. I am all these things, I AM THAT I AM." And He knew with that Perfect Faith, that He was the anointed Messiah, that the Spirit of God was upon Him. He said, "Now, I, in Myself, do nothing; but it's My faith in God." And God was in Him, the Word made manifest. And when the Word of God comes in you, It's made manifest, for you are a believer. See? And a believer is "the faith of God that moves in you." 



134    Now there's where the thing comes in, this morning, we're going to talk about now. All right. A house, this foundation is first. What is the foundation of Christianity? Faith in the Word of God. That's your foundation. Then you begin to grow. Then you start, you begin to add to this foundation.



We know how the battle went. We know that Eve lost the battle because she relied upon her reasonings instead of her faith in God's Word. Let's repeat that. She relied upon her own reasonings instead of having faith in God's Word. It reasoned out. Therefore she broke the front lines and the enemy rushed in, and then death struck the world. Now, therefore, God never did trust It again with the women, to hold that front line. It's with men



So therefore, here is my belief in God's Word, the way the Branham Tabernacle, at 8th and Penn Street here in Jeffersonville, should be operated. I think, the first thing, and believe that these things which I say is essential and must be carried out in this manner in the Branham Tabernacle, for it to prosper in the Lord. And if at any time these--this, would be questioned, the person who is in question about it may consult me if they cannot get to the pastor, or they can consult the pastor. If I'm home, off of some of the trips, I'll be glad to--to help either the laity or the pastor at any time. And these things are Scripturally, and I believe it's the order of the Church.

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