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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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125  And may I stop here just for a minute, to say this: a true Bride, female dove, is loyal to her Mate, too. It won't inject any dogma, any denominational doctrines, anything of the world. It'll stay loyal to its Mate, the Word; always loyal.


190    May they flee them denominations and creeds. God, way out there in them creeds and denominations I've met some of the finest brothers. And, God, how can I say it that they'll see, and let them see the Word? It bothers me. But I know, again, that You said, "No man can come," no matter how good, how meek, how gentle, "unless My Father has called him. And all My Father has given Me, they will come." And, Lord, I feel my solely responsibility for telling the Truth.

And not as Paul said, "Handle the Word of God with deceit," with denominational dogma mixed into It, as a tree of mixture of good and knowledge, good and evil; but with a open heart and the Holy Spirit. Grant it, God. Save every one.


31    As I look and preach across the nation, and watch the people, I--I am fully persuaded that the people are not getting to Christ. And I believe that it's the enemy that's throwed this hindrance. Because, the reason I believe this, He is not the object that they have been pointed to. They have either been pointed to a--a--a dogma, or a doctrine, or a party, or experience, or a sensation, or something like that, instead of being pointed to Christ, the Word.

That's why I think that people are resting their Eternal destination upon some dogma, or some sensation. Like, some say, "I danced in the Spirit. I--I spoke with tongues. I--I--I felt fire run over me." And do you know, all those things can be impersonated by the devil?


29 Now, these walls, inside, if we ever get walled into a place where we can't accept the Word and the Holy Spirit, and have to take the--the creeds and so forth of a church instead of the power of the Holy Spirit, the jubilee will never mean nothing to that person. No matter how much you can say mother left you your inheritance, daddy did that, but you sold out, and walled up, and come into a creed, and accepted this dogma that was injected into your fellowship instead of being free in the Christ and letting the Holy Spirit lead us.


84  But every man, no matter whether he's the pope, priest, bishop, whatever he is, he dies because he's a--he's a hybrid. That's exactly. He was born between Satan and Eve. And they call it whatever you want to. It was Satan and Eve. The original Word had nothing to do with it. The original Word was Life. He had hybrid It, and it brought death.

85    And when the church, today, that's called themselves Pentecostal, called themself Baptist, whatever they want to, when they hybreed this Word with dogma, it produces a dead child. And she can't have no Life in her. She's dead, and her children is dead.

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