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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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§ 100 You'll be kicked out some of these days from these interdenominationals like this. It'll come a time when you'll have to belong to an organization or you can't worship. As you know, the Scripture says it will be. They just make fun of you now. But there'll be a time where there'll be a boycott. For the mark of the beast must come. You'll either belong to the confederation of the churches, the beast like it is in Rome, or you won't worship at all. That's what the Scripture says.
That's when you'll have to cry out like Isaiah did.

§ 193 And it's binding time now. Every one of them going into the confederation of churches, all the denominations. That's right. That's right. World League, Council of Churches, every denomination's pulling right into it, the big thing going on. All of them coming back to Rome just as they promised, "a image made unto the beast," the power, a confederation of churches, just exactly what God said would come to pass. There they are, letting you go, and telling you it's all right to do this, and afraid to say anything about it, afraid it'd break a meal ticket somewhere.

§ 374 Educated... This is the Satan's superman with education, with wisdom, with church theology of his own word, of his own making, and he rides his white denominational horse to deceive the people. And he will conquer every religion of the world, 'cause they've all going into the confederation of--of the--of churches and the world confederation of churches. And they already got their buildings built and everything setting right in line. There ain't one thing left. Every denomination's stuck right into it, the federation of churches. And what's backing it? Rome. And the pope's now crying, "We're all one. Let's come together and walk together."

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