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The Holy Ghost

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The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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64 See? What is the war part? The angel of the Church catches the mystery of God, not fully yet revealed, but when he does, he catches this mystery of God, and then he goes forth to the people (after the mystery has been given to him), goes forth to the people. What does he do out there? He begins to proclaim that message, and what does it start? A war, a spiritual war.


28    And how the pains, birth pains struck the world! In World War One, she had a terrific pain, because they had poison gas, and so forth, that almost could destroy the world. And in World War Two, she struck another, harder pain; they had blockbusters, and also an atomic bomb. She cannot stand another labor pain. With these missiles and things today, one more war will throw her out into space, for she will now be delivered. And there will be a new earth. The Bible said there will be.


200 He sent forth the first messenger, and he preached, and the trumpet sounded (as we pick it up after while); and then the trumpet was declaring war.

Trumpet always denotes war. The messenger, the angel come on earth, the messenger of the hour, like Luther's, like any of the messengers that we've talked of. What does he do? He arrives, and a Seal opened, reveals; a trumpet sounds, war declared, and away they go. And then the messenger dies. He seals away this group; they're put in; and a plague falls upon those who rejected it. See? And then it goes on, then they organize, get another organization. (We've just come through it.)


52  Now, do you know, we've had wars after wars, and rumors of wars? And if the earth stands, we'll have plenty more wars. But do you realize that there is really only two powers in all the universe? Of all of our differences between nations, and differences between each other, and everything, it all mounts up to two powers. There's only two powers, and there's only two kingdoms; two powers, and two kingdoms. All the rest, the little minor things, are connected with either one of those powers. And those powers is God's power and Satan's power. That's what... Every war, every disorder, everything that comes along, it's either controlled by God's power or Satan's power, 'cause that's the only two powers there is. And that is the power of life and the power of death. Now, that's the only two powers.


139 There'll be two prophets (the 11th chapter, we'll pick that up)--two anointed prophets like Elijah and Moses, who I think it is. And they'll bring great curses, after they have seen that they have consolidated, and Rome has broke its covenant (that prince) in the middle of this seventieth week, it'll break its covenant with Rome, or Rome will break it with Israel, and that'll cause the abomination to begin to scatter. And there will be the great flood, when the Gentile remnant, the sleeping virgins... The dragon (Rome) spurted water out of his mouth to make war with the remnant of the woman's seed that keep the commandments of God. Rome will do that.


111  Now, 1914, the world went to a war, and they have never been at peace since; constantly swinging in, swinging in, swinging in, and they're doing the very same thing yet. And what was they doing? "Holding!" O God, have mercy! Holding that great thing that I saw in the vision (the whole thing become to destruction), holding the atomic, holding the wars that they don't destroy themselves until the thing comes to destroy it; until Israel returns back and gets herself together, and then the Message will go to Israel and she'll be sealed with that seal of the Holy Ghost. See, after the Gentiles is called out; the people for His name's sake will be called out, which in this age right here they're called. Then Israel only receives a three-year-and-six-month's Message.


635 Now, the souls that were in prison that repented not, were not Angelic beings that had--had been brought down in the form of Angels, but it was the spirits of those angelic beings that fell before the foundation of the world, back there when the war went on in heaven. And Satan and--and the dragon fought, and then... Or Michael and--and the--the dragon fought and Lucifer. And Lucifer was cast out with all of his children, all of the angels that he had deceived, and those angels come to the earth and was subject then to become human. And when they did, that's when the sons of God saw the daughters of men was fair, and took unto them wives.


89   Now, "All wars," as I say, "are fought for principles." Now, if you have a little war in church, it must be the right principle. You must be fighting for the right thing. And each member of the church is supposed to do that. Now, this teaching is for the church. That's what we're here for. That's what I'm standing here for. That's what God's Word is for, is for the church.

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103    What does "... see thou hurt not the oil and the wine" mean in Revelation 6:6?

It's the Holy Spirit. See, we just got through that. Probably somebody, you know, come in a little late for the message, they--for the other tapes. You see? "Hurt not the oil and the wine..." What does the oil and wine mean? The oil, as we took it in symbols, means the Holy Spirit. See?

Wine is the--and oil is connected together in the Bible in worship. See? And the wine as we put... That's where I got the idea of the stimulation. Wine stimulates. And wine in its--is the antitype of its natural from stimulation is revelation.

105  Now, just think; what stimulates the church? Revelations. See? So wine, the new wine would be... Now watch. The oil and wine went together in sacrifice, went together in--in the church worship (Now, notice.), assembled together, connected together.


58      And the wine, I said (which come to me) that the wine symbolizes that it was the power of--it was the power of stimulation by revelation. See? And that's when something has been revealed. It gives stimulation to the believer, because it's presented by revelation. See? It's something that God has said; it's a mystery. They can't understand it. See? And after while, God comes down and reveals it and then vindicates it.


308  When the truth of a promised Word of God has been truly revealed to His saints that's filled with oil, they all get stimulated. Wine is a stimulation. Glory, I feel it right now, stimulated with joy, shouts. And when it does, it has the same effect upon them that--that wine does upon a natural man; because when the revelation has been given of a truth of God, and the true believer filled with oil, and the revelation is revealed, the stimulation becomes so great that it makes him behave hisself unnormally. That's right. Glory. Maybe that's what's the matter with them now. That's right. It makes them behave theirself unseemingly.

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51    Here not long ago, when this first astronaut went up, he come back, and he hadn't seen nothing of God. That even turned ministers around. They thought God lived right up there somewhere, a hundred and fifty miles high.

52 Why, my, how education and wisdom of this world has turned the church into a bunch of ragweeds!


75  Which, it's all right to have wisdom. But if the wisdom is contrary, if the wisdom isn't correct wisdom from God, Divine wisdom, and becomes natural wisdom; I don't care how much science we have, and whatmore, or education, it's of the Devil. I'll prove it to you, the Lord willing, in a few minutes. It's of the Devil.


30    It bypassed all the nobles of the land. It bypassed all the nobles, and was revealed to the nobodies. All the nobles that were decorated with--with great doctor's divinity and--and psychology, and--and highly educations, and great cathedrals and things, it was all bypassed and revealed to nobodies. The wisdom, the infinite wisdom of Almighty God did it, to make known to them the greatest Message ever was, "The Messiah is now on earth." What a wisdom! Could only come from God who knows wisdom! All the wisdom and all of the schooling, and everything, was now laid to waste and bypassed by the great wisdom of God. I keep repeating that because I want it to go down deep. All laid to waste, it was of no good. Bypassed it all to let God's wisdom have the right of way, that God takes the nothings to make the somethings.


255    Remember, the Bible is the fountain of all wisdom, and holds all hopes of the future. To the Church, Shalom! Let us pray.


223 The wisdom of this world is contrary...

Education has been the biggest hindrance that the Gospel's ever had. If we didn't have education, we wouldn't have all these big seminaries and things that we got now, it'd be people simpleminded who'd listen to the Word; but they're so polished and messed up, and tightened up out there with all them organizations, till that they're going to stay with it, that's all. They take on that spirit.

Did you ever take a good woman, marry into a lowdown man, that lowdown man either becomes a--a good man like the woman is, or the woman becomes lowdown as he is. See?


57 Wise misses it far by their wisdom, going farther from Him by trying to find Him by wisdom. Now, don't forget that. That'll be taped. See? The wise in their wisdom go so far to try to find Him by their wisdom, they miss Him. See? If they could be big enough to be simple enough, they could find Him. If you're big enough to get simple enough... See?


279 But the Queen of the South came for three months on the back of a camel through the Sahara desert to hear the wisdom of Solomon. And behold a greater than Solomon is here; the Holy Spirit is here, a greater than Solomon.

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