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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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E-3       While we were here, and we had to come from the Assemblies over here, why we... It's an interdenominational affair. And then I find that there's different groups. And I'm glad that there is different groups. I'm glad that God makes us different. God is a God of variety. He has big mountains and little mountains, and He has... He has deserts and He has swamps. He has white flowers, and blue flowers, and--and red flowers, and He has little bitty men, great big men, and short women, fat women, skinny women, and oh, just all--all different kinds. He's a God of variety. Some red-headed, black-headed, some men with wavy hair, and some with none at all and just... Well, He's just a God of variety. See? He just makes things the way He wants them.

E-4       That's... way I think about... He makes white men, brown men, black men, yellow men; God of variety. See? And we have difference of churches. We have one of one kind and one of another, but we can all be human beings together. The black man can give the white man a blood transfusion. Vice versa, the Indian can give the white man, the white man the Indian; for God made of one blood, all nations. So He made us to be one people.

But just as Solomon's temple was cut out in different parts of the country... But when they come together (they was different kinds of stones), but when it come time for it to be fitted together, they all went stone into stone, no hammers, no saws, forty years in its building. I believe when God gets ready to take the church, we won't be arguing whether we're Methodist, or Baptist, or... whether what we are, it'll just all go together.


23 And it's good, I think, on New Year's night to see different preachers, and the way they approach a text, and what they say, and so forth, and each man having his own way of preaching.

You know, God didn't make us all alike. He made us different. He made us different in our stature; He made the world different, and big mountains, the little mountains, prairies, deserts, and big white flowers, blue flowers, and all different kinds. He just makes us different; that's all. He makes red heads, black heads, brown heads, white heads; fat, slim, tall, oh, whatevermore. See? He just... He just makes us different. God is a God of variety. And I kind of like that, don't you? But just the same thing all the time... My, my. I like this.

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Synonyms - DIVERSITY


68   That's where the Catholics are so in unity, the Roman Catholic, course they're in a unity, they're... the majority is the Roman Catholic; the Greek and other Catholics are--are not as much as the Roman Catholic. Now they unite together, and that's the reason they stand together. No matter what takes place, that pope is the head of everything. See? And no matter what anybody else says, "He's the infallible; he's--he's--he's a vicar of God, that's all; he's next to God; he has the jurisdiction over hell, Heaven, and purgatory." See? So there isn't a thing that can be done in that case; whatever he says, that's what has to go.


160 Now, I want you to notice the four of them. Notice the off-mark of four of the spiritual mathematics. God is threes. This is four. He's in four here. First, antichrist, white; second, false prophet, red; third, vicar of heavens and earth and--and purgatory, black; fourth, the beast, pale horse, Satan being kicked out of heaven. You want to read that? Revelations 12:13, Satan being kicked out of heaven... Then in Revelations 13:1-8, he is incarnate in the person of the beast.


276 And now, we find out then that Satan already had politics, but he's trying to get the church. So he goes down to deceive it. He gets his superman, works him into an organization and crowns him vicar (See?) of Christ. Christ acted instead of God. See this guy's a vicar instead of God. See? Just the same: instead of God, what he's supposed to be, a vicar under Christ.

280 Oh, now, his great power comes; he was made vicar of heaven and worshipped as God, ruler of the earth. By uniting the church and state together made him ruler on earth, give him a crown over that. He could pray the souls out of purgatory. He could also inter... He was just like God on earth: instead of God.

281 Together he had great power to kill whomever did not agree with his command. Who's going to say anything to him? The church can't say nothing; he's head of it. State can't say nothing; he's head of it. So they died by the millions. All them little churches, brother, was busted up, and killed, and murdered, and fed to lions and everything else. See? The dragon, Rome, give him his seat and authority. The Bible said so. See? So he rode his typed red horse through human blood till it become a red horse.


244     I been right there and seen it myself, would know, up over his place (his throne, as it was) like they set the first Boniface up, the III, up at the beginning of the Catholic age here. And up over there it's Vicarivs  Filii Dei, which means "a vicar of the Son of God." Dei, Dei, "Deity," see. See, "The vicar of the Son of God." In other words, "Just like the Son of God sitting here on earth," see, "all powers to change the Bible," change anything he wants to. Therefore, "Say 'Hail Mary'!" What does the pope say? "We'll have 'Hail Mary'!" That settles it. Uh-huh, uh-hum. "Well, we'll do so-and-so." What the pope says, that's it, that's it. "A vicar instead of the Son of God."

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65-0919  THIRST_  TUCSON.AZ 

141 And why would we want to take a substitute, when there is a genuine baptism of the Holy Ghost that satisfies every fiber and longing in the human soul? Then stand right in the face of death, like the great Apostle Paul said, "O death, where is your sting? And, grave, where is your victory? But thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!" That's the experience, brother, that satisfies that holy hush that... or that holy thirst that's in you. It satisfies it. You don't have to do anything else about it. Yeah, It cleanses the lips.


60 Now, he, by this fall, it has took over and possessed the garden of Eden, himself. He took it over. And now he has had six thousand years of deceitful rule; deceiving the people, God's children, as he did then. Because, they were based on free moral agency, to act any way they wished to. And believing that they would act right, or trusting they would act right, then they've come with the wrong act, and sold their birthrights, as Esau did, for the world. And Satan won it, and he took it over. And he's had six thousand years to build up his Eden, as God had six thousand years to bring His Eden to a close. And by deceit, deceit of the Word, or the people, now established his own Eden in this earth, in sin.


276 Look. Every time a victory's won or something goes on, a name is changed.


75 There in the garden that morning, when sin was so black, Jehovah come in. There stood His couple, standing condemned. There would be no more human race; they had to die; death on the human race, give the world back to wild beasts and there'd been no human race. But in that darkest of hour, in that time when all hopes was gone, grace come pouring through, said, "I'll give you a Saviour, a Messiah." Oh, it's a wonder how God could ever do it. God's amazing grace in the garden of Eden, that give them the promise of a Just One Who could come through the woman. "The woman's Seed shall bruise the serpent's head," the guilty one, "and his head shall bruise her heel," to show there'd be an affliction to the church. But He promised a triumph. What provided a Saviour? Grace.


73 But he had been in the very midst with nobody but three companions, and them in different parts of the kingdom. But Daniel standing alone with God held the victory for sixty-eight years. Think of it. (I don't want to start preaching, because this is supposed to be a teaching message.) But sixty-eight years he had kept the victory and was undefiled before God without the baptism of the Holy Ghost, without the Blood of Jesus Christ to make intercessions for him, with only the blood of bulls and goats and heifers which he had to offer secretly, because of the heathen traditions of that land. They'd been taken down there. Jeremiah prophesied of them that they were going down.


34  And, remember, the only way that Israel ever lost a man, is when sin got in the camp. That's the only way we could ever lose a--a victory, is for sin to get in the camp, something wrong somewhere. When Achan stole that wedge and that Babylonian garment, sin was in the camp, and the battle went wrong.


36  Now, Canaan does not represent the age of the Millennium. It only represents the age of the overcomer, the dispensation of overcoming, because in Canaan they killed and burned and took cities. And there'll be no death in the Millennium.


E-13 Now, before you can have a victory, there has to be a battle. And if there's no battles, there's no victories. So we ought to be thankful for the battles and the tryings. It's God giving us the opportunity to have victories. Oh, my, don't that make it a little bit better now? See, the battle come along, somebody saying something bad about you, sickness come on to you, maybe God give you those light afflictions that He might heal you and show His favor to you, let you see what He means by it. He loves you.

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