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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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100    The Holy Spirit is the Prophet of this hour; He a vindicating His Word, proving It. The Holy Spirit was the Prophet of Moses' hour. The Holy Spirit was the Prophet of Micaiah's hour. The Holy Spirit, which wrote the Word, comes and confirms the Word.


135 – 136 And it's always the way you could tell him. He said, "If there be one among you who is spiritual or a prophet..."

Now, prophets. There's such a thing as "gift of prophecy" in the Church; but a prophet is predestinated and foreordained for the hour. See? Yes, sir.


68    The prophets was the same. Jesus said, "Which of you, of your fathers, didn't stone those prophets that were sent to you?" Then God sends His prophet, to... and the prophet is the living Word of God, made manifest.


445  Adam's bride rejected to bring Life. She brought death. We're her product, our bodies. We all die. Look at us, you can see.

Jehovah's bride died. He divorced her.

446    And took a people out of the Gentiles, for His Name. Is that right? His Name; like a woman takes a man's name, the bride. Now what's she done? The same thing they did the other time, denominated herself, polluted.

447    But in every generation, every revival brings forth some prophet of God. A prophet is a preacher, true preacher on the Word, that stays with the Word, and they bring forth a revival that gathers that Elect out of that generation.

448    Then she goes into seed, then God will never use it again. I ask any theologian, any historian, to tell me one time that a denomination ever rose up. She never. She died when she denominated, and there's where she laid.


222 He is God, the Almighty. On earth, He was a Prophet, which is a eagle. How many know that a prophet is considered an eagle?


61    Now, He came first in the Son of Da-... Son of man, because He was a Prophet. Now, Jehovah Himself called Ezekiel and the prophets, "son of man, what seest thou?" Jesus never referred to Himself as Son of God; He referred to Himself as Son of man, because the--the Scriptures cannot be broken.

There can be nothing broken in the Scriptures. Every Word must be so. That's the way that I believe it. That's the way It's got to be, not because I believe it, because It's the Word of God.


152  I think of myself standing out there when Brother Pethrus sent down them little Testaments, and they read them. They said, "Well, if this be the Messiah, let Him--let us see Him do the sign of the prophet, if He isn't dead, He's alive." They said, "He raised up again; He lives in His church; let us see Him do the sign of the prophet, and we'll believe Him." The Jews always believe it. They know the Messiah was to be Prophet.

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136    Now, prophets. There's such a thing as "gift of prophecy" in the Church; but a prophet is predestinated and foreordained for the hour. See? Yes, sir. Now, if a prophecy goes forth, two or three has to set and judge whether that's right or not, 'fore the church can receive it.

137    But nobody set before a prophet, 'cause he was--he was absolutely the Word of God. He was that Word in his day. You seen God reflect.


348  Now, look, the difference between a gift of prophecy and a prophet, there's just a million miles difference. Before a prophecy... A man with a gift of prophecy can even be told before the church, two or three has to discern that and say that it's true. That's right. But not a prophet (See?), a prophet is an office. Gift of prophecy is a gift. A prophet's born, has THUS SAITH THE LORD, brother, right on and on. There's nothing in that. You see? That's a prophet. But a gift of prophecy, that's a gift. You see? One's an office of God; the other one's a gift of God. See? And that's the difference.


E-66  Then after while, maybe a Spirit of prophesy come among them. That wasn't in the main auditorium where sinners and things were setting; that was in their own room, the gifts operating. Then the first thing you know, some prophecy hit one.

Now, there's a lot of difference between a gift of prophesy and a prophet. A gift of prophecy may be on one tonight, never again, on another the next night. It's them nine spiritual gifts that works in the body, but a prophet is borned a prophet. All down through their life it's, THUS SAITH THE LORD. A gift of prophecy has got to be judged. But you never seen anybody stand before Isaiah or Jeremiah to judge them. No. But the Bible said, "If one prophesies, let two or three judge whether it's right or not." See, Satan can slip in there.


59 "There'll come a time when there won't even be one stone left upon another, that this will be tore down." He begin to give them signs and wonders. Then Jesus speaking now, turns now to Daniel, to fulfill, 'cause all prophecy must dovetail one with the other. The whole Scripture is not broken nowhere.

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38  And if you notice, in the vision that I had of my ministry, it was I've never crossed those trees. I have never proselyted. I have never said, "All you trinitarians be oneness" or "all you oneness be trinitarians." I have planted in their own vessels. Just exactly. I went to the trinitarian, I went to the oneness, I went to everybody, and stayed between and never joined any of them; but stayed between, being a brother, just exactly what that vision said do. And I've eat the fruit from both sides, salvation on both sides.


56 I said, "We have something similar in America. We're not immune from these things," I said, "but we all believe in one God." I said, "Then, we have Methodists, and Baptists, and Presbyterian, and they proselyte one among one another to get into organizations.

"But you all proselyte from one god to another. You see?" But I said, "Now, which is it? It's every one's superstitions."


10    Spiritually speaking, over the city, I don't know of any place that's any more spiritual dead, than in the city of Tucson. There is war between the churches. There is fusses between the congregations. There is no unity, and everyone grabbing, and holding, and squeezing, and trying to get this one, and proselyting. It is a desert, spiritually speaking, also.


196    That's where it is today. We got courage to build buildings and put millions of dollars in them. We got courage to put pipe organs and plush seats, and everything, and go out and proselyte from place to place, and make the Methodist 'come Baptist, and so forth, back and forth like that. But when it comes to Christian courage, to accept the Word, the Message of God, and stand there on It, we are few. So what good is your stones without a stone mason again? Isn't that right?

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