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The Holy Ghost

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The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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E-4       I have been thinking today, that they misnamed Chicago being, Windy City." I think it should have been Tulsa. I could hardly sleep last night; the wind was so hard. And I thought, "Many times have I been in Chicago, but never such a wind, as I--we had last evening." And then the service, it was so hard, the wind blowing and making a noise. It was rather a bit of confusion.

But it all paid up today, to get to meet some precious people. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Lamsa, today, the translator of the Lamsa translation of the Bible. And such a privilege... You know, I would rather you'd give me a little rosebud, right now, than a whole wreath after I'm gone. I think maybe he'd think the same thing. I certainly can prescribe to his translation, for meeting him and finding such a lovely spirit of a real true Christian believer. God bless his gallant soul. I don't know as I've ever met any more spiritual man than Dr. Lamsa. May the Lord richly bless him.


108       A few days ago, talking to the great Doctor Lamsa, who translated the Bible from the Aramaic unto English... And I seen that little sign, God's sign on there, with three little dots in it. I said, "Doctor Lamsa, what is that?"

He said, "It's God, with three attributes."

And I said, "You mean, God living in three offices, such as, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?"

He raised and looked at me, tears come in that Jew's eyes; he said, "Do you believe that, Brother Branham?"

I said, "With all that's in my heart."

He throwed his arms around me and said, "I wondered when I seen that great things going forth, and the signs that you were doing." Said that, "They told me you was a prophet. I didn't believe it till now. Now, I know you are." He said, "That's it. That's the message. That's the thing that'll shake the Kingdom of God." Yes. He said, "Someday you'll die for it, boy." Said, "You'll seal your testimony with that very same thing."


121     A few days ago when Doctor Lamsa come to me, and never knowed nothing about that, and brought me a picture, which brother's got it there with him now... Have you got that picture? Have you got the Bible with you, laying there; it was in your book? All right. There was a picture of the old ancient Hebrew sign of God, just exactly that that existed in the days of Job, before the Bible was ever wrote. God in His three attributes, not three gods; one God in three attributes, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three offices that God worked into. Not three gods, three attributes. And there It was.

122       When that great man, Doctor Lamsa, the translation of the Lamsa Bible, when he said that morning when I told him that, I said--I said, "What's that sign?"

He said, "That's God's ancient sign in the Hebrew: God, one God in three attributes."

I said, "Such as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?"

He stopped, and he set his cup of coffee down; he looked at me. Gene, believe you was there, Leo. Said, "You believe that?"

I said, "With all my heart."

He said, "Last night, standing in your meeting, Brother Branham, I seen that discernment. I've never seen it before in America, or in my land." He said, "These American people don't even know the Bible. Only thing they know is their denomination. They don't even know where they're standing." Said, "They don't know nothing." He said, "But when I stood there last night," I said--I said... Now, Brother Gene, I just say this with reverence and love and such; He said, "I said, 'That must be a prophet.' But when I see that you believe that Father, Son, and Holy Ghost was no three gods, it was attributes, then I know that you are a prophet of God, or it wouldn't be revealed to you like that." He said, "That's a perfect sign." Said, "I've never..." Said, "You're not Oneness?"

125       I said, "No, sir. I am not the Oneness. I believe in God being the Almighty God, and the three attributes are only three offices that the one God lived in."

He said, "Bless your heart." He said, "Someday you'll pour your blood upon the earth for that," but said, "prophets always die for their cause."

And I said, "So let it be, if it pleases my Lord." The translation of the Lamsa Bible...


221     He said, "I seen that discernment the other night; I thought you was a prophet of the Lord." Said, "God bless your heart." Put his arm around me, said, "Now, I know it is." He said, "These American people don't even know what..." Said, "They don't even know nothing." Said, "They're trying to take an ea--eastern Book and make a western Book out of It. They don't even know their Bible. He said, "There's no other Name given under heaven, no other Name, for everybody was ever baptized other than in the Name of Jesus Christ. There's no such a thing as three persons in one God." And if that isn't Brother Lamsa, Doctor Lamsa, the translator of the Lamsa Bible, which is a bosom friend to Eisenhower and all the great diplomats of the world, and everything else, throwed his arms around me, said, "Someday they'll shoot you for that." But said, "Remember, all those people die for a cause."


E-87       The other night when I met Dr. Lamsa, of the Lamsa Bible, he said, "What's the matter with these American people?"

Said, "I don't know." Seventy percent of the Bible is vision, yet they can't believe. See?

This is just like it was in Samaria: two races of people. I'm Irish; she's African. We meet here for the first time in a little panoramic, two men. In them days there was a segregation. Jesus let her know right quick there was no difference between a man's color before God. We all come from one family: Adam and Eve. The country we lived in to and changed our colors--yellow, brown, black, white--has nothing to do with God. We can give each other a blood transfusion. One blood, man--God made all men. You believe that? Yes, sir. These...

Where one lived in a hot country and the other a cold country, and--and like that--tempered and so forth, it changed their colors. That has nothing to do with the blood, or the soul, or anything else. God let her know that God seeks them that'll worship Him in spirit and in truth.


13  And, brother, I believe it was Dr. Lamsa, of the Lamsa Bible, that was in the translation, said...

14    One time I was speaking, and I didn't know he was there. And he come back and was talking about the Urim Thummim, and then he was speaking of that Light. And he said, "What's the matter with these people today?" And I said... He said, "The reason that people, the translators, could not translate the Bible correctly, that the translators tried to translate in the high Yiddish. And Jesus, speaking, spoke in the common class, just like the street people spoke."


41    Did you ever see the Lamsa translation of the Bible, the old... The--the old Hebrew sign of--of God is a triangle Light; more or less, something like that, that the three attributes of God, in one Godhead. And this triangled Light, the three in One, being one God, was a--a sign to the Hebrew, of God, Light.


63    I just happened to run across my mind. If any of you have the Lamsa Bible translation, if you'll notice over the cover of it, is a triune, trinitarian light, a three-cornered light like a halo. And when Dr. Lamsa, a friend, my personal friend, was translating the Bible, that is the old Hebrew symbol of God in the true trinitarian way that He is; not three Gods, but three manifestations of the same God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Light is one complete circle of Light in a triangle shape, which means that God will dwell in three offices, the Fatherhood, Sonship, and Holy Ghost dispensation, all the same God.


32-1       Now not only is what I have just said true, but let us go a step further. Today we have some students who claim that the original manuscripts were written in the Aramaic which was the language of Jesus and the people of His day. It is claimed by them that the people did not speak and write in the Greek as is so commonly supposed. And the fact is our historians are divided on that. For example, Dr. Schonfield, a most brilliant student has from research proved to his satisfaction that the New Testament was written in the vernacular of the Greek speaking people of that day. He builds up a fine case for his beliefs, based on the various documents at his disposal. But on the other hand we have another renowned student, Dr. Lamsa, who is convinced that the New Testament was written in the Aramaic and he has none other than the brilliant historian, Toynbee, to back up his contention that the Aramaic, and NOT THE GREEK was the language of the people, so it seems possible that the New Testament was first written in the Aramaic.



60    You could take the orneriest woman in the town, the worst man; if they had a baby, it would have to come from the Lord, because God has laws set together. And these laws, like the sun to raise; you put a cocklebur in a good field, it'll grow. And it has to grow, because it's God's law. When seed is planted, it must grow. And nothing can grow life but God, because it operates under His laws. Therefore when the evil seed was planted in the womb of--of Eve, it had to bring forth, because it's God's law of production. And it could do nothing else but bring it, and it had to come from God.

261    Why is there such things as that? It's a law of God, the law of contrasts. How will we know how to enjoy the daylight if there wasn't a night? How will we know how to enjoy the dry weather if there wasn't rain? How would we know to enjoy and respect a real woman, if there wasn't a dirty one?


21 Now, we took this text out of Deuteronomy. It's a Greek word which has a compound meanings, or, it means, "two laws." The Greek word, Deuteronomy, means "two different laws." And that's just what God has, two different laws. And one of them is a law of death, and the other one is a law of Life. God has two laws. To follow Him, and serve Him and worship Him, is Life; to reject It is death. There is two laws in God.


340    I don't care if a--if a... the orneriest woman in the town and the orneriest man, and unmarried and everything, would have an--an affair, and live together and bring forth a child; that child would have to come by the law of God, 'cause there's no other way. If you don't, you make Satan a creator, and then he's a god. Oh, how blind can you be! See, God's law, certainly.

345    Like you took a field and disc it all up, and--and put a spray on it, and spray all the germs out of it. And not--not even grass or nothing could grow in it; and then you fertilize again, sow some good seed in there. If the enemy comes and sows some other seed, the same law of God will ripen both seeds.


35    Now I was thinking, as I was looking out the window a little while ago, and looking at the setting of the sun and seeing how all nature has a law. And when the wintertime comes, the law, automatically, of nature, runs the sap down into the tree roots. It buries.

36    As Job said, "Oh, that Thou would hide me in the grave, that Thou would keep me in the secret place until Thy wrath be." And now, that's it, "If Thou would hide me!"


80    Watch ducks and geese unite themselves together before they leave their country. See? They unite together. You can see them flying from this pond to that pond, from here over to there, all of them getting together. They're uniting, getting ready for their take off. See, it's just... that's nature, and God created nature, and nature works by the plan of God. It's a law, an unwritten law of God, that nature works according to His law.


110 What would you think if Jap--Japan or--or some--Russia would come in and say, "Get out of here. Get back out here." And--and do us and our children the way we did those Indians? But remember, we've sowed, and now we're going to reap. That's the law of God, you know. There's a planting time and then a harvest time. I think that it's too bad; yes, sir.


261    Now listen. We got two. We got a picture here, now. Now right here is where we're going to get some great disagreements. Now you've got to see where the picture is. Paul is trying, here, to separate law from grace. We've got two pictures: one, the carnal; one, the spiritual. And Paul is trying to--to deviate between the two, to show the Jews. This letter is to the Hebrews. And all the Hebrews is trying to show the pattern of the Old Testament typing the New. So, you got two pictures here under consideration.


4 And that's the reason I think that we'll appreciate heaven so much, because we've lived on earth once. And I think the law of contrast. The reason that we appreciate the Holy Spirit so much tonight, is because we lived so long in a church that told us there was no such a thing. The reason we appreciate It tonight because we have had the other side. And that's the way God has intended it to be, because His people has had their ups-and-downs. You never know how to appreciate a mountain top unless you've been in the valley. And so you never know how to appreciate good water unless you drink some bad sometime. And then you--you... All the way through it's a law of contrasts.

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167  With our heads bowed, Brother Vayle is standing here to dismiss in prayer. Brother Lee Vayle, he's a writer for the tabernacle here, of the literature and books, and so forth. Very precious brother, he's been with me in many campaigns. Wish I had a chance to let every minister, get them up here and talk to them. You understand, I'm sure. Every minister, we're glad to have you here. All the laity, the people of different churches, whatmore, we're glad to have you here. And it's truly our prayer to one another, "God be with you till we meet again." With our heads bowed, and our hands raised, let's sing it again real sweetly to God.


196  Notice, let me give you a little example. Look at those people who come out under Moses' prophecy, come out of that organization, and come out of everything, under the prophecy, saw the great works and wonders, and things like that, and come up to the borderline of going in.

Now, Lee, there comes your "name on the Book." See? You've got it fixed out. And you that's not here, and out in the--on the hook-ups, it's Doctor Lee Vayle setting here. He is grammarizing this book of the Seven Church Ages. And the problem come up, or the question, about your "name taken off the Lamb's Book of Life." See, it's puzzled a lot of ministers. But wait till you get the book, you'll understand it if you just got any Light in you. See?


66  Today I was talking with my good friend, Doctor Lee Vayle, who is present now. And he's quite a theologian, and so we usually have some--have some pretty good discussions on the Scripture. Very smart. And he asked me one time what I thought about the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost, "Was it speaking in tongues?" It's been many years ago. I said, "No; can't see that."

He said, "Neither do I," said, "though I've been taught that." He said, "What would you think would be an evidence?"


272  As Doctor Lee Vayle is writing this famous book, I want you to see it after a while. Brother Vayle is here, is on the grounds somewhere. I seen him outside. I don't think he can get in. But he's writing a book there, and--and is very astounding, of the Laodicean Age. And I want you... It'll be off of presses pretty soon. So, we're taking the last reading of it now. And was writing, and we was discussing It in there, see, about...


198    Brother Lee and I done everything we could. And give the ministerial association a breakfast, free, just to come down and speak to them. Brother Lee Vayle, of course, is a scholar and--and a Doctor of Divinity, that he really earned his degree. And so I tried to get him to speak before these Lutheran, Presbyterians, and so forth, but he said, "No, they're looking to you to do it."


10   So I'm happy to hear the sister's testimony there, the brother, about that Light up at South Carolina or North Carolina, somewhere. Greenville, was it? [A sister says, "No. Southern Pines."--Ed] Southern Pines. Yes.

11    Brother Lee Vayle was just here today. I baptized him, today, in the baptismal service here today. Brother Lee Vayle you know, and the ministers there, Brother Parker Thomas. There's...


66  The Lord bless you. All right, Brother Neville, get up here now. And God bless Brother Neville. Don't forget now, next Sunday.

67    [Brother Neville speaks about Brother Branham and Brother Vayle for one minute, then says, "And I delight to welcome the ministers of God, especially who are co-operating together with This, and in It together with us. I delight to hear from them."--Ed.] Amen. ["So I asked Doctor Lee Vayle, I said, 'Would you minister if Brother Branham doesn't?' And Brother Branham didn't. He might have known this."]

No, I didn't. I wouldn't even talked that long.

68    [Brother Neville says, "So I asked Brother Vayle, tonight, if he would minister for us, in case that Brother Branham didn't. Because he associated with him in the meetings, and he knows about the Way, this Way. And we're glad to have Brother Vayle. I appreciate him and respect him as well as I do any of the other ministers, and like I do all the others. And so if he will come tonight and speak for us, I'd be delighted to have him to do it."--Ed.] Amen. ["God bless, and let's pray for Brother Vayle. Some of you have never heard him, and I trust that you'll pray for him."] Yes.


13.     I got a friend here somewhere in the building. 'Course you are all my friends. This--this brother is Brother Lee Vayle. He's a precious brother and--and a real student of the Scripture. Dr. Vayle is a Baptist with the Holy Ghost, and he's a... I don't say this complimentary; I just say it because I believe it. I think he is one of the best versed students that I know of among our ranks. And he just wrote me a little note here and was--sent it in there by Billy. And Billy couldn't hardly make it out to me, and I think--I haven't read it over--but I was just going to say what he said here. And I just read it, Brother Vayle, if you're here--I just read this about six months ago.


195    Brother Lee Vayle, if you get a hold of this, here it is. That's the only question we disagree on, he believes the Church will go through the judgment. I don't see it. I don't believe it.


39               If the Lord willing, the book will... soon as we can. Brother Leo is taking it off of the magnetic tape, to go on to the... go on to shorthand, from there to the type, then into the book.


1      This tape is being made for the Kingdom of God, as I am presenting it to Brother Lee Vayle for a manuscript. Brother Vayle has asked me, here in the presence of Brother Mercier, to--to give some of the former visions.

Of course, visions was... Now, one of the first things I can remember is visions coming. Visions come all the time, but after my conversion is where I think you were interested in, Brother Vayle.


12.     Before approaching this marvelous and gracious Word, I'm going to ask that my good friend and co-worker, Doctor Lee Vayle, if he'll stand up and lead us in a word of prayer, as we open the Word. Brother Vayle. [Brother Vayle begins to pray, then blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Thank you, Brother Vayle, for that inspiring prayer to God.