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This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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136    We, each one, come down to the end of the road, where we're going to give account for every word. Right now, we know that our voices... When we are born, our first little cry goes all on a tape. It's going to be played back again at the Day of Judgment. Even the clothes you wear will be showed in your face, at the Day of Judgment. Even science has found that, by television. See, television doesn't manufacture a picture, it only channels it. The color of clothes, every time you move, every thoughts in your mind, is absolutely kept on God's record. And that big thing will be laid right before you, every one of them filthy dresses you wore; every time you went to the barber shop, cut that hair that God give you. It's going to be. You'll answer for it. You can't make a move right there, just even the thoughts of your heart while you're doing it, will be played right before you. How you going to escape? "How shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?" See? We're not going to escape. Every move, and the thoughts of the heart, is recorded right in another dimension, even the color of clothes you wear. Television, colored television proves it right out, pulls it out and shows it, see, and that's just in one dimension from the three that we live in. See?


142  Now, he now wears her bangs, also. He combs them down, puts a curler in them. Some of the most sickly sights I've ever seen in my life, is some of those kids out here today with their bangs combed down like this, and colored, bleached hair, with some kind of a peroxide something, and bleach their hair, and rolling it in curlers, making bangs. You big sissy! That's a horrible thing to say from a pulpit, but judgment begins at the house of God. You don't even know whether you're a man or woman. And I understand that our United States Army is coming out next in shorts. That's right. See what the perversion is? It's a woman's clothes; wears her bangs.


28  Now, for a few fundamental thoughts on why we're here... The house of God is a house of correction. Law goes forth from the house of God.


94    Oh, brother, listen. What time are we living in? What's the age? What's the hour that we're in? It's not time for these things that they're talking about. That's passed. Judgment is on hand now. You can see it breaking. You remember the rock up on the mountain? Judgment hour! You remember the revelation, or the vision of the Bride? Just keep Her in step. Don't let Her get out of step.


181 Christians, pray now. Coming home... Come, my sinner brother; come, sister; purchased of His Blood, to whom Christ died for. Won't you come now? Let me persuade you, this great hour, when judgment is hanging over the doors of the nation, the doors of the world. Won't you come? I plead with you, in Christ's stead, come to Christ while you can. Let it be mercy, not judgment.

56  And all of a sudden, the cloud was upon him before they knew it. That's the way judgment strikes. It comes so sudden; you wonder how it can get there so quick. How I have seen cruel men, who once cursed God, fall and scream, and say, "How could You treat me this way?" The whole, every foundation was swept out from under him in a moment. It pays to take warning.


58    But just as I sure was standing there under that Inspiration, put judgment on that West Coast, and then followed it right up here with the sinking of Los Angeles, she is gone! That's right. It will happen. When? I don't know.

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30      Gor--that book belongs to Gordon Lindsay. The other one belongs to Julius Stadsklev. And I just send and get them by the groups like that. Then I--and then give them... And I get them forty percent off, then send them out like that. And give them out to the people. That's the truth.


E-13       And I remember some time ago, he and Brother Julius sailed away to Africa for some services. His heart went to the colored people of Africa when he seen their conditions and so forth. He--he heart longed to go to them. So he returned. And he was over on the West Coast. And he was making kind of a preparation for my coming over there. I had no idea that he'd went to the--over to the east coast of Durban, for there was my center hold, where the--Brother Bosworth...

Brother Stadsklev was standing present that day when thirty thousand souls were won to Jesus Christ at one time. That's ten times bigger than the day of Pentecost. And think of it. Jesus said, "The things that I do shall you also; even greater..." That's the exceedingly abundantly above all that we could do or think.


E-12       Now, concerning the book, Mr. Stadsklev (He's a Chaplain in the Army.) wrote the one called "A Prophet Visits Africa." And Reverend Gordon Lindsay wrote the other one, which is called "A Man Sent From God." They're neither one... They're just... They--the men wrote them; and they way I get them: I just buy them (You see?), at--at the--I believe it's forty cents less on the book. And then I--I pay them for the book, and I have to sell one for a dollar and a half; that's what they sell it for, and the other one for two dollars. And that's what the price is on them. Then I give them forty cents less for the book. Then I have to take it, and handle it, and ship it, and send it. Oh, my. The meeting has to hold it up.

And then, I told every time to people are selling them, if there is any time an old dad or a mother comes by, reaching down in one of them little pocketbooks to get some money, and hasn't got enough money to pay for it, give it to them anyhow. That's right. 'Cause it's not to make money out of. And if you can't even... I've lost, if it would be counted, hundreds of dollars on the books.

E-13       And right now, I--I don't mean to say this (See?), I'm--I--I just can't get any right now. I will get some pretty soon, and I'll have them. I haven't got any at this time. That's the reason we haven't got any with us. But I--I will get some again pretty soon, as soon as I can afford to do it.

Now, but... And I'll... And if you want them, you just write to me at Jeffersonville, Indiana, and I... and mention you want the book, and which one: "Man Sent From God," Brother Lindsay wrote that. "A Prophet Visits Africa," Julius Stadsklev, he's from... He's with Billy Graham and them there in the, I believe it's Wheaten? Is that... No, is that where it is? Wheaten, I believe it is, is where he was from. And he's a Chaplain in the Army. He's way in the--way in Greenland there, or somewhere in the Eskimo lands now. I got a card from him the other day, and he was standing in snow, said it was, I forget how far below zero, and summertime didn't mean anything there. So they're up there... Iceland, that's where it's at, way up in Iceland.

And so, I'll have--will have them pretty soon, and you just write to me and I'll be glad to send them right to you.


E-100       It's just for the little message that Brother Gor... The other book is a much better. The Prophet Sent... No. I forget... Oh, South Africa... Yes. Stadsklev, Billy Graham's friend and partner from the school, I think he went to school with Billy Graham. That's the way it was. Julius Stadsklev, captain, chaplain in the army, wrote that book, a fundamentalist. And so now, we desire your sincere prayer.


E-52       I believe awhile ago I recognized Brother Stadsklev, Julius Stadsklev, a captain in the army. He was here somewhere. He's a good friend of mine, wrote the book, the African book. I seen

somewhere awhile ago. And that, as far as I know, h... Yeah, Brother Julius, I'm glad to see you and sister there tonight.

And outside of them, looking in the audience, as far as I know, I don't know anyone. And you know I don't... If Julius had something wrong with him, he or Sister Stadsklev, I don't know what it would be. That's right. In the prayer line, I guess I'm a stranger, 'course I... Brother Brown, these men here, I know them. But I want you to believe. And may the Presence of the Lord come and heal the sick.


E-3       If I'm not mistaken, isn't this Brother and Sister Peterson setting right here from Minneapolis? I believe I seen Captain Stadsklev here, your son-in-law, last night, a chaplain in the--in the Army. I don't see him today. Yes, here he is over here.


E-58       Brother Stadsklev, wasn't that a wonderful meeting? Would you just stand up a minute? Here's the author of the book, "A Prophet Visits Africa": Chaplain Julius Stadsklev, a captain in the United States Army, now. He was trained, I believe, at Wheaton or somewhere there, and this same college and so forth that Billy Graham come from. Went right along with me, writing that book, and taking those pictures. He was standing there that night when that--I saw that bus coming in, the first night when I landed there in Africa. And there was that bus moving. And then I saw that boy, one leg six inches shorter than the other. Chaplain Stadsklev was standing right there taking that note when it happened.


E-60       Brother Stadsklev, come here a minute. Is this all right? [Someone answers, "Amen."--Ed.] This man who's been with me in Africa, seen tens of thousands and thousands come to Christ at one time. Brother Julius Stadsklev, I'm going to ask you to offer prayer for this audience. Then we're going to go home just in a little bit.


E-21       Last week I had the privilege of speaking with one of my dear friends and brothers, Captain Julius Stadsklev, who wrote the book, "Prophet Visits Africa." And Brother Julius was in California, which he's now taking his schooling for Major in the Army.

And he--they... Army personnel taken him for a great trial. And they searched his genealogy until they had to prove even who his great-grandmother was. And their history and what they were before he could set in--in this meeting.


E-9       I was just looking... The boys probably been selling these books up here. I just turning through it, nervously, a few moments ago, and struck this picture of Miss. Nightingale. I certainly remember that. When that was take--that... But this book doesn't give the full detail of it. Mr. Stadsklev printed this book; it's very good, very fine book. Everything is accurate, because it's been--went through the fire and trials.


205       Julius Stadsklev, how many knows him? Brother Stadsklev's come here at the church. Just--just went to Germany. See? Said, "Just a minute, Brother Branham, just a minute." said, "bring the photographer right quick and I'll get his picture?"

I said, "Help yourself."

"Walked over here, stand your shoe here." He stood like that, took the picture of the boy there, with both legs just as normal and straight as they could be. There stood his old shoe and brace like that--like that.


122       Like the little Stadsklev baby, when they sent over here. And Mrs. Stadsklev said, "Brother Branham, I called from Germany." There was an American army, with one of their jet planes setting out here at the field, would fly me to Germany and back, in a day. He was a chaplain. And the baby was laying, dead. And that little mother screaming, she said, "Listen!" Said, "I know. I stood right there and seen that woman hold that dead baby in her arms, that died that morning. I seen Brother Branham walk right out there, lay hands on that dead baby, and it come to life." Said, "This is my baby, Brother Branham." Never been a death in their family. See? And this little thing took sick one morning and died that afternoon.

Here was all of them standing around, and giving prophecies and things, "The baby is going to raise up," and all like that.

123    I said, "Well, that's mighty nice, Sister Stadsklev. But let me see what Father says."

I went out to the woods. And I prayed. Come back in; she done called two or three times 'fore I got back the next morning. Nothing.

The doctor said, "All right." Said, "If that's it, if you have faith like that, lady, we'll never let the baby leave the hospital. Let it lay right here. You stay right here with it. That's all right."

Brother Stadsklev went and seen the army major. They said, "Sure. We will fly him over, and bring him back."

124       And there was a plane setting, waiting, to take me over that morning and bring me back that night, to Germany, to Heidelberg, Germany, for the resurrection of this baby. I said, "Sure, God can do it, but let's see what His will is."

125    Then I went out, prayed all night. Nothing happened. Come back the next morning; nothing happened. And I started into the room. Just then I looked there, and there stood that Light hanging there in the door. Said, "Don't put your hand on that. Don't rebuke that. That's the hand of God."

126    I got her on the phone. I said, "Sister Stadsklev, bury your baby. It's the hand of the Lord. It's God's will. Something would happen to that baby down along the line. You let it go right where God knows where it's at. You can go to it now. It lives, you won't. You leave it right like that."



18      Then I seen another little minister here that--that Brother Thom didn't know. I don't even know the boy's last name, but I know they call him Junior back there: Jackson, Brother Jackson, Junior Jackson, just raise up your hand, Brother Jackson. We're glad to have you with us. He's from down around Elizabeth, Methodist church down there, where I'm to hold a service pretty soon, the Lord willing, before we go back into the field


66      Now, I wish you would, just as soon as it's dismissed, as quick as you can to... out of the building. We got about a half hour's of rehearsal here to take place, and some of the men are working. And we're going to bow our heads. And I believe I heard Brother Junie Jackson back in the audience. Brother Junior, are you here tonight? The brother from New Albany Methodist church... or... All right, Brother Jackson, would you dismiss us in a word of prayer?

[Brother Junior Jackson dismisses in prayer--Ed.] [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... Who are to be in the wedding, come forward right quick now. The Lord bless you. And we'll see you tomorrow night.


1e  Brother Graham Snelling in Utica and Brother Junior Jackson down there, we--we consider all them our little sister churches right with us. We're all together. We don't disagree on our doctrines; our--our hopes, our aims, our doctrines are one. We stand together just every thing together. We're just one church, and we'd sure like to have them scattered throughout. We got some in Africa, some in India, and all around over the country. We... That's where we want them, scattering the news.


19      And this little brother, I don't think he's... Junior Jackson. Well, I'll keep still, Junie. I thank God for Junie Jackson, the brother certainly has a great gift from the Lord.


102              Now, is there a question? [Brother Junior Jackson says, "Brother Branham?"--Ed.] Yes, brother. ["I'm glad that question was asked, because no doubt some might wonder what maybe I have believed and taught for a long time. But I believe it just like you taught it."--Ed.] Thank you, Brother Jackson. ["Irregardless of how many times I might speak in tongues, or anything, if my life doesn't bear record of what the Bible said, I'm no better than an ornery dog walking the street."--Ed.] That's right. ["And I did not ever speak in an unknown language until six months after I had received my baptism."--Ed.] That's about the way I did it too, Brother Jackson.


120     I tell you. I don't believe Junie Jackson's here tonight. Is he? I don't think he is. But I've always amazed at Junior Jackson and his speaking in tongues, and Brother Higginbotham, and many of you people here, how that you see that change of voice in the interpretation. See?  Now--now, that's all right. Now, I don't... I ain't boasting my church up. No, sir. If my church needed correction, I--I'm going to stand here and do my best for my Saviour (That's right.), whether it hurts or whether it doesn't. I'm--I'm your father in the Gospel (See?), and I want... You don't want a wrong spirit; you want the right spirit. You do all...


25   We have--have another brother here, a little pastor, one of the sister churches of our church down there. If he doesn't come up, I would like him to stand up, Brother Junior Jackson, another Methodist filled with the Holy Ghost. Junior Jackson, where are you? Brother Junior Jackson, a Methodist, filled with the Holy Ghost. Here he is, right here, Brother Jackson. You want to say something, or anything you want to say? All right.


311     Now, remember the seven messengers. Do you remember the pyramid of white rock of Junior Jackson's dream that I interpreted to you? Notice, the night that I left... And I--there were six dreams came, and every one of them directly to the same thing. Then the vision started and sent me west. Is Junior... He was watching... Why, notice. Look how perfect.


254     Don't you remember the vision? How many remembers Junior Jackson's dream? And all them follow it just exactly. What was it? Stay here till I go yonder. See? And got the interpretation and come back.


124      Now, also here I might bring this out. I see my... I don't think my Brother's here tonight, but somebody made fun of somebody leaving the Tabernacle and went down to Brother Junior Jackson's for a church. Said, "They went down amongst the 'dead birds.'" Aren't you ashamed to make a remark like that? Ever who you are, if you're my kid here in Christ, I'm ashamed of you. Don't do a thing like that. Junior Jackson is my brother. Don Ruddell is my brother.

134     Now, Brother Junior Jackson had a right to disagree with that. He wants his church... The people all want to speak with tongues and things in the audience. That's Brother Junior's troubles; that's--that's up to him. But Junior Jackson believes this Message the same as the--any of the rest of us does. He's one of us. And it's not a "dead bird" to go there. Junior Jackson is a man of God that I love with all my heart. And is not here tonight, so I can really pour it on the way I want to.


56   Like someone wrote the question the other day, was up here, said about--said something about Brother Junior Jackson. Somebody went down there, and they said, "You're going down to the 'dead beans,'" or something or other like that. Brother Jackson... Because Brother Jackson's congregation, they let them speak with tongues just in the church. Wherever they feel the Spirit and want to speak in tongues, they go ahead and do it. Well, that's Brother Jackson's church. That's perfectly all right. I've got nothing against that, not a thing. Junior Jackson's one of my best friends, and a real godly man, filled with the Spirit of God, and we're brothers. Now, he don't have to eat my cherry pie, I can... Or I don't have to eat his apple pie (See?), but we're both eating pie. We both believe this Message exactly. That's the order of the church. I said, "I want my church to try to come together..." I said... When we begin to break out here, the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues and so forth, I said... Somebody asked me, and said, "Now, Brother Branham, is all that genuine?"


191     431. We are called... (Now, here's that question the other day.) We are called unclean birds, because we go to Junior Jackson's church. Sometimes because we're with the--the... He don't comply with the new church rules here at the church. Are we out of the perfect will of God to attend there at times?

No, sir. I believe Junior Jackson to be a man of God. I've already explained it. I believe...

Now, we don't agree upon the order of the church. Now, I believe that Junior's--Junior... Why he... How many knows Junior Jackson? Why, we know that man's a godly man. He believes this Message just the same as I do, and he believes these things. Frankly, Junior and I are just buddies, just like the rest of these men here, J. T., and--and Brother Ruddell, and Brother Jackson, and Brother Beeler, and all of these brothers here; all of us, we're together. Now, we don't--might not see just eye-to-eye alike (See?), but we believe this same Message (See?), and we stick together. There's Brother Hume over there too, a missionary, and oh, so many different ones, I... Sometimes I don't even get to call their names, but you--you know I mean you anyhow, brother. Sure.


146  Junior Jackson listening in, you remember the dream he had that I interpreted, "going towards the setting of the sun"? And this happened on "Sunset" Mountain. It's the evening time, sunset time. The sunset Message through a setting of history, a setting of prophecy, rather, being fulfilled. And it shall be Light at the evening time, upon Sunset Mountain in the Coronado Forest, forty miles north of Tucson. Get on the map and see if Sunset Peak there. That's exactly where it happened. I never know it till the other day.


9        We pray for Brother Jackson, his precious daddy laying there near death now, and bring in the world a fine boy like Junior. I--I--I pray, dear God, that You'll heal him. I know it seems impossible. The medics, the doctors, they--they don't know what to do in that kind of a case. But we remember Brother Hall, also, when the very best of the physicians here said, in Louisville, said, "He's just a few hours to live," with cancer in the liver. And he's living today, and that's twenty-five years ago, because of Your grace. So I pray that You'll heal Brother Jackson today, Lord, let Your grace and mercy be with him.