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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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185     No, you don't do things like that, and then have the Holy Ghost. Went to a minister's wife one time, setting up there with a dress on, it was horrible-looking.

You say, "You ain't got no rights." 

186    I have got a right. That's the Word. Preach It all. You bypass those things, a lot of sissified preachers, because they haven't got the audac-... Maybe you haven't even been called to preach, in the first place. Yeah. But a true servant of God will stay right with that Word. Right.

187    Minister's wife setting there, all squeezed up in a dress, with earrings hanging on, and make-up on, and short bobbed hair. When, God condemns the whole thing as filth. And then saying you got the Holy Ghost?


123 I've been right there in India when they had the fire walkers, and everything else, and know it's the truth. A great big idol there with rubies in the ears, for earrings, and things like that. And they put torments, and sticking things through their flesh, and--and beat themselves. And sew their lips up if they've lied, and doing penitence. And run a saber through their lips here, or through their chin, up through their nose, and stick it out like that. Take big fishhooks, with like Christmas tree balls on it, fill it full of water, and hook thousands of them over their body, right through the flesh. And go over there and dance around this idol, like that, and kill a goat and do worship like this. And walk right through red hot fire, without a scorch. Some of you Pentecostals try it.


There's a great doctrine among the Pentecostal people of liberation of women. They're wearing great long earrings, and--and doing all kinds of dressings.


85    And I can prove to you that that come from the devil. I can prove to you that nothing in the... The originate of it was heathens. And as long as you wear it, it's a mark of a heathen. Now, I just come back from Africa, and I've been in the Hottentot jungles and found out just exactly where earrings, where all that stuff come, and all this, a lot of jewelry wrapped your necks and ears and everything, where that comes from. It's the heathens. And the Bible don't want a Christian to be a heathen. And you don't want... I don't say that you are a heathen because you do it, but you're making yourself look like one. It's because your pastor didn't tell you the truth. The Bible said so.




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E-11       So Brother Ed Daulton seen that happen; he was praying for his children. Got outside, and he turned back around, and the Holy Spirit said, "Speak for Ed's children."

And I said, "Brother Daulton, the Holy Spirit tells me by that same gift that we're looking to be perfectly manifested soon, I give you your children in the Name of Jesus Christ." And when he got home there, his daughter and son, already give their hearts to Christ. (Just a few miles down in the country from me.) And I think every one of your children is saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and...?... Is that right, Brother Daulton? Is there any of them with you? One daughter. Was that the one was saved right away then? The oldest daughter was saved the next morning. And every one of his children is now saved. How the Holy Spirit... When God says anything, He keeps His Word. See?


240       Ed Daulton, Baptist setting here from down in Kentucky, setting right here. How many children you got, Ed? Twelve children. Standing right here, he asked for his children. I walked out of the building. Ed come to me here; I said, "Ed."

The Holy Spirit was on me, said, "Give it to him. Give him."

241     I said, "I give you your children." Every one of them's saved and baptized. There was his teenager setting at home, waiting, crying, has been saved since he was up here. This Baptist brother from down in... Oh, oh, how wonderful He is when He speaks.


47       Yesterday, I was down, way down, southern Kentucky, right on Tennessee border, and I was setting in a boat with Brother Daulton, who the Lord gave all of his children to him. You remember the morning here, when he started out. And he said, "Brother Branham," said, "I guess it'd be hard for you to estimate."

255    And the other day, when my good friend, Ed Daulton, got a letter from the Baptist church. He said, "We excommunicate you from the Baptist fellowship, because you have joined in the heresy of being baptized in Jesus' Name."


301       Brother Daulton. My, my. Here's a brother that's been precious to me. I'll tell you what happened. I haven't got time to go through it. His wife knows. Said, "He was dying." Heart attack, was it, sister? And before the Lord had give her a dream, and the interpretation came. And when the heart attack struck him, she stood right before it and said, "I defy this." God had give her a dream that it was going to be that way, and the interpretation come. And the doctor's thinking the man was dying then, and here he is alive today.


2        Just coming in this morning, I met a little boy there and he gave me a little plaque of the guardian Angel watching over two little children. I didn't know that that was the Daulton--little Daulton boy.

3       And here a few weeks ago, or a few--about two weeks ago, there was a father, Christian father, asked for his teen-age daughter that was not yet a Christian. While he was standing in the prayer line, and the Holy Spirit said to, "I--I give you your child." And here she is this morning, saved and baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus, setting on the platform, just as the Holy Spirit said. And the other children are all setting around. I know the Daulton family's happy.



31       And so, however, the rivers come down and cut us off and we couldn't get back into the country where we were going to hunt grizzly bear. This Mr. Southwick, Southwick it is, was the guide, And he... And I was with a little minister, Eddie Byskal. And so his boy... Mr. Southwick had a--a young brother of about, between twenty-five and thirty years old, was seriously plagued with epilepsy.

Mr. Southwick had just become a Christian about a year ago. A cowboy before, and they're kind of rough, you know, in their living. And but he'd just become a Christian, and he was believing. And he said, "I have read your book, Brother Branham." And he kept hinting along about his brother with the epilepsy.


E-6       In Africa I would eat, when they just... I don't see how in the world I could do it. Just God had to help me, that was all. But you have to do it anyhow. You see? And so, people who missionary go through a lot of things that's unpleasant. But we have to be all things to all people, that we might win some to Christ.

And I felt so sorry for Eddie, and his children that way too, and little Eddie Byskal and his wife, lovely woman out of a nice lovely home. Her father owns a big company, and president of it, and everything, and then give their lives out like that. It certainly takes God to do that, Brother Littlefield. That's really sacrifice.


E-2       It was not long ago I had the privilege of being with your pastor, Brother Byskal. And we had some--a little trip together afterwards, a little hunting trip up in northern British Columbia, and he told me he was missionaring to the Indian people over here on the--on the Island. And, oh, I've always wanted to help somebody who's trying to help the Indian people. I've had a few experiences down in the States with speaking to the Indians: the Navajo, and Apaches, and many of them down there, and find such a wonderful faith; and Brother Eddie, not underwritten by anyone. And I said, "Maybe sometime I'd have the opportunity to come by and help you, Brother Eddie."

He said, "I'd be so happy for that, Brother Branham."


E-91       Now, these brethren are seining on different parts of God's great lake. Now, I come up here in this little city to weave my net with yours, so we can reach way out, away from one corner, or one community, reach way out, and pull. It's all our nets put together. Don't you see? We are brothers. We might--we might disagree. If I come ask Brother Byskal here about some theology--theology, he would--we might disagree. And I've never met a finer man in my life. See? We might disagree. But...

My children back there... I got three children at home. I go to get ice cream; I have to get three different kinds. One wants vanilla, one wants strawberry, and one wants chocolate. Well, when I come with the ice cream, it looks like a rainbow. But look. It's all ice cream. The flavor doesn't count. There we are, brethren. I...?... That's right. We're all eating ice cream.


E-2       We are... I was just understanding that we got here just at this time when several of the organizations are having a, I believe, a convention. I'm sorry that we arrived at that time 'cause I know how you feel. I know how the brethren feel to be--something like this to happen just at the time that they're having their convention. And Brother Eddie Byskal, my brother and friend, it's the only time we could be here, just passing through. And that's the reason they made it real quick, just three services, then we're traveling on.

And we're hope that God will grant a great blessing for our gathering together, and trust that they'll have one of the greatest camp meetings, or conventions, or whatever they're having, that they've had in years, trusting that God will be with them and help them.


E-3       Now, I thank Brother Byskal, Eddie, as I know him, a real precious boy. I really fell in love with this young lad when I met him at--up at Dawson Creek. My first time was Grande Prairie, but he was at Dawson Creek at the time, and I met him there. And he was telling me about he was missionaring to the Indians.

And I said, "Eddie, I--I'm coming up to Canada again one of these days, and I'll drop in and see your friends."

He said, "Just fine." So he told me, said, "Some of the brethren," said, "might drop by Victoria, split the dates from up at there." And--and he said, "But they're going to have a meeting down there, a convention."

E-102       Brother Byskal, God bless you. I just recognize you now, being there, Brother Eddie's daddy. God bless you. May everlasting grace of God ever abide with you until we see again. And then we would say:

Till we meet! Till we meet!


11       I'm glad this morning, somewhere in the congregation, to have a--a very precious friend of mine, brother, Reverend Eddie Byskal and his wife and children. I suppose they got into the meeting this morning. Eddie, are you here? I--I thought you... Well, maybe he didn't get to come. Brother, oh, yes, way... Now, that's not the "amen" corner, Eddie. You're welcome up here on the platform with us, the ministers, if you want to come. And then we've been on...

12       Brother Eddie was along when the Lord gave me the vision about the bear and the caribou. The... How many remembers that when I told you? All right, he was there. He was the young fellow had on the checkered shirt, Brother Eddie Byskal. And he stood there where... and asked... I--I asked them if they had a checkered shirt, any of them. "Nope," no one had it. I said, "Well, it might... It's got to be a checkered shirt. There's going to be a--a big silver-tip grizzly, and--and some kind of an animal that's got forty-two inches over its horns, like this, looked like a deer." And that was about six months, I said here, you know, before it happened; long, about this, oh, earlier than this in the year.