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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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164       And this man says, and you know, this man; I'll call his name just in a minute. His name was Henry. I'll get his last name just in a moment; I think it's wrote on here. I don't know. It's in the Business Men's Voice, if it isn't. But he... Oh, yes, "By Danny Henry." Now, that is... I can't think of that movie star. [Someone says, "Marilyn Monroe?"--Ed.] No, it isn't Marilyn. Meda... Jane Russell, Jane Russell's cousin. And he came up and put his arms around me to comment me, and here's the words he said. He said, "That sermon could be put into the Book of Revelations." Said, "It's right." He said, "I want to pray for you, Brother Branham." He throwed his arms around me, begin to speaking in French, and didn't know nothing about it.

165       And here was the interpretation, he's got it wrote down as the document come in form, and so forth. It said, "I, Victor D-e-D-o-w-x," French name, "am a Frenchman," and so-forth, "and was there when--when Danny (what-you-call-it)--Danny Henry, gave this in message over Brother Branham, on February the eleventh, 1961." He lives at "809 North King's Road, Los Angeles 64." Listen at the-listen at the reading.

Because thou has chosen the narrow path... (Now, see, I get that all right. There's part of it I don't.) Because thou has chosen the narrow path, the harder way; thou has walked of thy own choosing.


E-70       With three different interpreters, French interpreters, and the interpreter for the United Nations... And Danny Henry, Marilyn... or this Jane Russell it was, beg your pardon, Jane Russell's cousin, a Baptist, knowed not one word of it, but was so stern. He had walked up and said, "Brother Branham, them words that you said could easily be put in the Book of Revelations." He threw his arms around me and started speaking in French. He never knowed one word of it. There are three witnesses bearing record with the U. N. interpreter. Brother, we're in the last days. That's exactly right. Amen.

I'm away... Get away from hybrid religion. Come into the true genuine Pentecostal. That's right.


9       Just a--a little thing, I hope I will not be misunderstood. And not a coincidence, I do not think, for I--I think it was providential, that yesterday I was given a present by a friend here, from a friend of mine, Danny Henry. He was the boy... One day, in the Christian Business Men's convention in California, I was having a--a meeting. I was speaking very hard against the--the condition of the time.

10    And I--I hope that everybody understands that, not have evil in my heart. It's not that. No. You surely will understand I don't mean it that way. But I have to just say what comes to me to say.


36       I was just thinking here. I placed it here, one of my notes. That I'm wearing this morning, a set of cuff links... And many of you have heard of this movie star, Jane Russell, and her mother is a Pentecostal; and Danny Henry is her cousin, her first cousin, her mother's sister's child. He was Baptist. He was standing at the meeting, a Business Men's meeting in Los Angeles, California, two years ago.

37    And I had just got through speaking of a great, powerful, forceful statements; that even the overseer, one of the general overseers of the Assemblies of God, stepped down to the platform from up in the balcony where he was sitting, and he said, "I don't believe that Brother Branham meant that."

38    I said, "I have to mean it, sir. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD." And, then, it was about the church in this age.

39       And about that time, this young man who is a businessman... His brother is over... he was there taking pictures for television that morning, his other brother is--is a state road supervisor of California. And Danny Henry walked forward after the meeting was closed, on the platform, like this, where the men were all seated, walked down to put his arms around me. And he said these words, "Brother Branham, I hope this don't sound sacrilegious, but," said, "that could be made the 23rd chapter of Revelation." Which, there is only twenty-two chapters in Revelation. He said, "I hope this don't sound sacrilegious."

45    Now, the man signed his name here. "The above statement was interpreted by, of Danny Henry prophesying over Brother Branham, given by three witnesses in the cafeteria in Los Angeles, California."

46       Now, this same young man that give this prophecy, not knowing what he was saying, was in Jerusalem about a month ago. He had the privilege of going out and--and laying in the tomb where Jesus had died and was buried. And so while he was laying there, he said I come upon his mind real strong and he started weeping. Said, "How that it has been so hard for Brother Branham to stand against the world and these things, and all churches!"

47    Like it--it was once said of one, of the Billy Graham part, said, "We can see Billy Graham, 'cause all churches are united together for him. We see Oral Roberts, the Pentecostals. But how do we ever have anything, when It's contrary to what people have been taught?" It's God.

48    And, Danny, what he does for a hobby, he makes little stones. He walked out to where the Cross had been put down, where they said the Cross set in the rock. No one was around, so he broke off a little piece of rock and he put it into his pocket for a souvenir, come home and made me a pair of cuff links out of it. And, strangely, when he made them, they looked to be bloodstained. And right through each one of them, in continuity, runs a straight, narrow path right through both of them. Now that might be just a... See, someone else might not notice it, but to me it's complimentary to the things I believe. I believe that everything has a meaning to it.



73       The great council of meeting, not long ago, 1958... I was asked yesterday to represent the supernatural working of God before six hundred and something delegates from all the world, if God tarries until 1958, to be in Boston, Massachusetts. One of the ministers, a great man with the general gospel, David duPlessis, said, "Brother Branham, when all the delegates of the world is gathered together, and the Christian nations from everywhere is gathered together at this great world council," said, "just the speaking of the Word, and the power to reveal the Holy Spirit coming present," he said, "evangelicals from everywhere will sway in." And when they get a faith to live a real Gospel, it'll close the Gentile dispensation and issue in the Lord Jesus' second coming. God can't be just and let honest hearts lay out there and sizzle in hell for it. He's got to be just, and He's got to get it to them somehow. We're in the last day.


E-17       I was speaking today at lunch with Brother duPlessis and Brother Joseph, and was speaking about foreign missions and a worldwide revival, that a worldwide mission journey that I'm fixing to take around the world, in every city a few nights, every major city in the world. Then thinking of the follow up. I said, "It's like..."


E-35       And as David duPlessis said to me today at noon, "If these lazy Pentecostal people would get up and do something instead of trying to take a ringside seat and watch God do it, the church would be moving on." I think that's right.

Get up and move. God's expecting you. You are the branches. Your hands is His hands. Your lips is His lips. Your thoughts is His thoughts.


E-3       Just behind the curtain, I've been enjoying this grand message that Brother duPlessis, from South Africa, had just given us. And these messages, he will giving each morning, giving instructions on how to receive Divine healing.

For this afternoon, so that we will not linger too long, for the boys wants to pass out the prayer cards immediately after this service. Tomorrow, the prayer cards will be given out at six to seven o'clock in the evening.

But I believe they're having a concert of some sort here in the Temple tonight that takes up that time. So the cards will be given out immediately after this service.


E-28       He could've been a hypocrite. He could've been a unbeliever. But Jesus said, "An Israelite in whom there's no guile..."

No doubt but what the... Philip in the instruction meeting, about fifteen miles around the mountain, had instructed him in the Scriptures. He was ready.

That's why Brother duPlessis is here to try to instruct. I heard him say he had been in the meetings around for ten years. A man of honor, a man should take his word. He will not give his own word, it'll be God's Word. But to instruct the people, so they... And you listen to what he's got to say. Brother duPlessis and I have never worked together in this fashion before. But I--I heard him say... I didn't know how long he'd even been around the meetings. I never know; people just come and go. But I learned to love him and know that he was a good man with a high reputation around the world among all the churches.


E-4       Tonight is a... starting to pray for the sick. Brother duPlessis has just gave us a wonderful message, just been behind the platform, behind the stage there, listening. And I sure appreciate that message, "The Exaltation of Jesus Christ."


E-1       There's something about this kind of worship that just seems to be different. Just the simplicity of just letting your soul be blessed by the Presence of the Lord. To me, that's real Christianity in action.

Each morning at the Angelus Temple, at 10 o'clock, I believe it is, Brother duPlessis speaks. Is that right, Brother duPlessis? He's a--one of the few men that I have ever met that really understood my ministry. And if you will come, I'm sure your souls will be blessed by hearing Brother duPlessis.

I just had the privilege of meeting his wife for the first time in my life. Such--she's just a typical Afrikaans woman. She said she was from Texas... You all love me in California? You know, Texas is the second, next to the greatest, state in the Union now? Hmm. Alaska's first, you know. [Brother Branham laughs--Ed.] Oh, my, that makes Texas think, doesn't it? Well, my mother's from Texas, and I have some things to brag about Texas myself. And many great souls has come from Texas. I'm sure they'll be represented well in heaven when we get there: great revivals and so forth.


E-3       Brother duPlessis, I have knowed him now for some years. He's known me longer than I have known him, for he would be in the meetings and I--I wouldn't know it. But I know his family, and they're all fine Christians.

When I was in South Africa, his brother was my interpreter, a fine Christian gentleman. And I like David's spirit. Now, he's gone, so he don't hear me. But I like his spirit, that gentle, right straight to the point, compromising for nothing; but yet, gentle with it. I like that.

You know, Jesus wasn't a sissy by no means. He wasn't just a feminish type person; He was man. But yet, He could speak right straight to the point, but yet, with gentleness. And I see a person can do that, I just think of the Spirit of Christ being in them.


E-3       Just talking to my good friend, Brother duPlessis back there, which is leaving us tonight to go further into more services. And he's going into Europe now to set up meetings in the different places there, and--for me, and down into South Africa, and Germany, and Switzerland, and...

And then we're anticipating then to Australia right away now. Depends on how soon as Mr. Graham gets out. We're waiting for him to get out long enough that it won't look like I just rode right in on his ministry. I don't want to do that. I don't want to be there while he's there.


3       Then we have also with us tonight a--a precious brother of the faith, South Africa, Brother David duPlessis. We're happy to have him with us too. And we're... David and I are--are anticipating, or praying, and the Lord to give us some great work together this coming year into Africa, and different parts of the world.

Brother David is here now to talk it over, and pray over with it, between now and Monday to decide just when, and where into-- to Africa, and different parts of the world to go. As Brother David has had a very prominent office with the Pentecostal World Convention, and also is well known with many great religious leaders throughout the entire world. And's been very influential in persuading and causing, as far along as we are now, to help bring the body of Jesus Christ together of all denominations of faith. Regardless of what the... they... church they have, or what they--brand they're branded, it--it's that--the Church in who Christ died for.

12       And Brother David, I'd like for you to come up now and speak for us, or whatever God's put on your heart to say, come right up. And I'm very happy to introduce to my church tonight, this is Brother Dav... Orman Neville, our pastor. And to the church, this is one of my precious friends and--and fellow warriors in the service of God, Brother David duPlessis of South Africa. God bless you, brother.


E-27       A lot of people that's half-born, part of the way born... Grandsons, as David duPlessis said the other night, "God don't have grandchildren. He only has sons and daughters." But when it comes to a place that a grandchild, that's just brought in by a--'cause his mother was pentecostal or his daddy was pentecostal he becomes part of the church... No, sir. He's got to be born just like his daddy was, 'cause God doesn't have grandchildren. He's got to have the experience. He can't go in on papa's experience or mama's experience; you've got to have your own experience. That was their birth. You know, you have to have a birth, too.


E-5       And then we go through the rest of next week, on until next Sunday night, the Lord willing. Then we'll hurry off from here to--to Oklahoma, to start in Tulsa, about... Have about four days of rest, I think, and then start in Tulsa. And then, if the Lord willing, from there we may go... Planning, right after we leave here, we're on our way overseas, the Lord willing, for a complete European trip. And so we desire your prayers. Your fine co-operation in these meetings has been wonderful.

Tuesday morning; I couldn't take this man's place, but I'm going to try to; Brother David duPlessis, my associate and bosom friend, one of the outstanding teachers of this day... And I.. God is giving him a ministry that's unique: bringing the churches together in a fellowship. That doesn't mean just only Full Gospel. That's all of the churches, all believers: Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist. And many times when we may... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

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E-9       One time, Brother duPlessis and I was talking sometime ago about the leadings of the Holy Spirit. And he gave me a word that stuck with me like a--something growed around me. He said, "Brother Branham, I've always found it this a way, that if I will just let the Holy Spirit lead me, don't take any thought. If He leads me contrary to what I'm thinking, just let Him lead you and be simple in it. Just follow the Holy Spirit and it always comes out right."

Then I thought, "Brother duPlessis, we are full-fledged brothers, for that's just the way I like it. Let the Holy Spirit lead, 'cause It's God's provided Agent to lead us."



262    He said, "And they are, every one, dead." Death is "Eternal separation." They'll never rise again, although they had been through all these experiences. Figurative speaking, they had spoke in tongues, and danced in the Spirit, and everything.


5   Death means "Eternal separation."    And now as when we are... die, like in the physical body as we are now, we are separated from one another. But, it's really this body is the only thing that identifies us to each other, because we are bound in five senses: see, taste, feel, smell, and hear. And as long as we can see or feel one another, why, we have evidence that we're here. If you're blind and can't, and--and can't see, then you can feel one another, and we... or hear one another. And the earthly senses declare one another.


219 Didn't He say He hated the Nicolaitanes and that Jezebel? Stay away from it. Didn't He say He'd kill Jezebel's daughters with the killing of death which is eternal separation from His Presence? Don't trust in it at all. Get away from it. So God remembers.


50               Here's what the Bible said, see. See:...

He that overcometh shall not be hurt by the second death.

The first death is separating from our loved ones. We're go in the Presence of God, never out of His Presence. See? Now, if there's a second death, then it'd have to be the death of the soul. And then he that overcomes the world, or overcomes the things of the world, has Eternal Life and shall not be touched by the second death. There you are, Eternal Life. But the--the sinner... The Bible said, "The woman that lives in pleasure is dead while she is alive." That right? "The soul that sinneth, it shall surely die." What is die? Completely "separate," "no more." See? Now, it's cut off, is right. It's cut off, there's no more to it. How long will it be to take that? It'll go down through the same process it come in, and it'll come to a place till there will neither be nothing left of it. It'll just go back from ever what it's made out of.


221     Now, death means eternal separation from God. You remember now, saints don't die.

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