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The Holy Ghost

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The Father of Jesus-Christ

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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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§ 86 Now, and then what is the mark of the beast? Is to reject the Holy Ghost, a mark of apostasy. Remember, in the old days when the trumpet, the jubilee year come, and the trumpet sounded, and every slave had a right to go free? But if he didn't choose to go free, he was taken to the temple, and they took a awl and bored a hole in his ear, and he was marked out for the rest of his days. And what is it? On the ear, when God calls you to receive the Holy Ghost, and you refuse It, then God marks your ear to where you'll never want to try it anymore. See? Then that's the mark of apostasy. And in the Bible it said, that these last days that there'd be two classes of people: One with the Mark of God, the Seal of God, the other one was the mark of the beast. Is that right? Now, you're wearing one of those marks tonight.

§ 43 There's only two classes of people will be on the earth; those with the Seal of God, and those with the mark of the beast, only two classes. So you'll have to have one or the other. And it'll be an apostasy, a--a mark of--of religion, apostate religion.
And it's going to have a image unto the beast. As we study we find out that Rome was, is, and always will be the--or the beast. Exactly. There's no way to get anything else. Rome...
And what did Rome do? Was converted from pagan Rome unto papal Rome and organized a system, a universal system, that forced everybody to that one religion or be put to death.
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E-13       As the other night, I quote it again, I guess Brother Arganbright is here somewhere tonight, the one that has the picture, or it may be in the pictures you just showed of the returning of the Jews to Palestine. What a remarkable instance it is now. How the prophets said that they would be there, and how they would return, and how the desert would blossom as a rose. And it's striking to know that we're living in that day, and that Jewish flag a flying again for the first time for twenty-five hundred years. And I want to show you something a little remarkable that you'd see why my heart burns for them.

The very day that Israel was declared a nation again for the first time for twenty-five hundred years, that same night the Angel of the Lord sent me out to pray for the sick, the very same time, May the 6th, 1946, the Lord Jesus did that.


E-5       I'm looking for the Gospel, one day, to leave the Gentile people and return to the Jew. I seen a picture the other night of a very dear friend of mine on the West Coast, a Christian business man, Mr. Arganbright. And he had a picture called "Three Minutes Till Midnight." I've never been the same since then, after seeing this wonderful picture. It showed the answer of all the prophecies pertaining to Jews, how they would return back, and how there'd be an ensign at their return, the six-point star of David over Jerusalem. How that the water that comes from the country to blossoms as a rose, the desert would, and the Jews returning back. It was just a picture, threw it on a screen... But here was the alarming part, Christians, the ships was coming in, the airplanes coming in. They were bringing in the old, blind, an halt, and withered packed in the... The younger people packed them. So they interviewed a few of them.

They said " Are you coming back to your homeland to die in a homeland?"


E-30       Now, if you will notice. See? Now, He got weak from one. That woman walked before Him and touched Him and went away. Now, the... That's the same thing as if I was standing on my tiptoes. I'm before... for hours before I come to this meeting, it's fasting and praying. During the time of this, that's the reason I hide myself away from people, don't let no one know where I am. I'm hid away right now in a room.

I been staying with Brother Arganbright, back there. But I'm not even... My wife's not even with me, at all. I stay by myself. I pray constantly and know that He's near. Sometimes in the room, I see that Light come down and stand there. He will tell me, "Watch a certain thing. It's fixing to happen." And God knows that many times, just thousands of...


E-3       I don't see little Brother Arganbright. He's around here somewhere, perhaps. Maybe he's got in yet. Another gallant little soldier of God. If he isn't here, why, all right. I don't want him to hear it anyhow. I want you to hear it. See? He's a real, real brother. Just... I've knowed him now for some time, and he's one of the nicest little man that I ever met in my life. And his little tiny Irish wife, just as... Both of them together just about make one good size person (You see?), they're so small. And so... But we been staying at their house. And talk about a lovely home, always open, prayer, Christ-like.

We certainly appreciate Brother and Sister Arganbright, and all the folks on Zion's Hill up there. They call it Zion's Hill. The--the whole atmosphere there's Christianity. And so, we are so happy for them and his efforts.

Now, Brother Arganbright just never runs out of things to do for the Lord Jesus. And he doesn't do them grudgingly; he just freely goes out and does them. I couldn't have even taken trips overseas if it hadn't been his help. And he's got a burden on his heart. When he gets a burden for some nation, here he will come. I'll see a--his car drive in the yard and I'll know, well... Meda will say, my wife, say, "Well, here we go overseas again, don't we?" So Brother Arganbright with a burden on his heart...


13.     And Brother Arganbright was just telling me on the phone awhile ago, that the king of--of some of those countries down in there (I forget just where it was.), I believe up here in Sweden, Switzerland (I'll get it in a minute), Denmark, has wrote a special letter to make this the season to come there, this time. In Africa, India, many different places, where...


511       As I see a sister setting here that I know, Sister Arganbright. I... This is not nice and--and etiquettes, to ask this, but have you heard from Brother Arganbright since he's been over. I am very interested in hearing from him as soon as we can. He's in Switzerland and Germany, in a meeting over there with Brother Tommy Hicks and Paul Cain. If you ever hear, Sister Ruth, you let me know right away, just quick as you can.


E-28       I wonder if Miner Arganbright is in the building, Brother Arganbright. I have seen him at a couple of the meetings, and I had a message for him. But I--I believe... Oh, yes, I want to be sure to see you, Brother Arganbright. I want to meet you October the 20th. He understands that language. Why they ever called this man Miner, I don't know. I will disagree with his father and mother, only unless it would be in his stature. Because, he's got a heart like a giant.

How many knows Brother Arganbright? I don't say this in his presence; I was going to say it if he wasn't here. Fine brother and his sweet, little, Irish wife... I've been in their homes; I've been with him in the darkness and the places. A mighty, sweet, fine, Christian couple... I believe that she's from around near somewhere here. She was in the meeting too. I don't know whether she's here tonight or not. Everybody that knows her, she's a sweetheart to all. To her son-in-law, or children, all the neighbors, everything on what we call Zion's hill down there, she's the sweetheart of the hillside. So we are glad that Brother Arganbright is numbered among those who are redeemed, and our Sister Arganbright. May the Lord bless them greatly.


E-62       The scientific world knows it's the truth. Mr. Lacy said... He ought to know; he's a government man, head of the FBI, the fingerprint and documents of the fingerprints and so forth. He said, "There has never been a picture before ever scientifically proven that there's a supernatural Being." Now, that's right. That's right on his document. We got it right here. One of them hangs in religious hall of Art at Washington, DC, the only supernatural being was ever photographed.

Brother Arganbright was with me (Right here. How many knows Brother Arganbright?--A good honest man), standing right there (where was that, brother? In Germany?) in Lausanne when they wanted to know if the--that German camera would take it. I said, "Maybe it will."


E-4       I had something today; I had some fellowship with Brother Arganbright. They said he just was speaking. I'd been out some little lady outside the door there crying to go see her father, dying with cancer. And you don't know how many of those there is, just everywhere. And so I was up to have fellowship with Brother Arganbright this morning.


§ 36 And as God in the beginning knowed that man would fall, therefore He could put him on free moral agency, knowing because He could display His attributes to be a Father, to be a Son, to be a Healer, to be a Saviour... How could He save, 'less something lost? And in God was the attributes, before there even was an angel or a molecule or anything, God was by Himself, alone; but He wasn't God, ' cause God is an object of worship. There was nothing for Him to worship--nothing to worship Him. But His attributes displayed something and made an angel. Then He was God. Then He made a man; give him free moral agency. He fell. Then when he fell, He become a Saviour. In the fall he took sickness, so He become a healer. See? It's displaying God's attributes. See what I mean?

§ 44 God was one unit at one time. In that unit was attributes. And He was a Saviour. By nature He was a Saviour. If there had never been a sinner, how would He ever been a Saviour? He couldn't save until He permitted sin. God's a Healer. And He cannot heal unless there be somebody sick to heal. See, if there'd never been a sickness, there'd never been a Healer. God being a Healer, His own attributes projected these things. There had to be something to respond to that attribute that was in God. God... The word "God" means "an object of worship." God wanted to be worshipped, so He had to project something that would worship Him. Jesus said to the woman at the well, "God is a Spirit. And they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth."

§ 16 All these things are attributes of God, just so that in the--the end, the Bible said, Jesus said, "You will know that I am in the Father, the Father in Me; I in you, and you in Me. It's God becoming tangible. Your own wife, you and your husband, is just a shadow, a negative of God and His Wife, the Church. See, it's just God's attribute being displayed in shadows and types, like the Old Testament was to the New. See? Then in the end, it's all winds up, God tangible. God in Christ, tangible, made flesh, dwelled among us. And in that great Millennium to come, God in the form of Christ, sets upon the throne of David; and the Church, His Bride, Husband and Wife together...

§ 210 God only had one Name, and His Name is Jesus. That was His Son; He took the Name of His Son. God... Now, Jesus, the body was a man. We know that. That was the Son of God that was overshadowed. Now, we do not believe in a oneness type, the people that says God's like your finger. We believe there's three attribute--attributes of God, three attributes of God, God manifested in. But there's one God.

§ 38 And any Greek scholar knows that that word, "Eternal Life," comes from the word "Z-o-e, Zoe," which means "God's Own Life." That's right. The only way that you ever can have Life, there's only one form of Eternal Life and that's God's Own Life in you. See? Then you have Eternal Life, because He is the only Eternal there is. And we are the attributes of His thoughts before there was even a foundation of the world or anything. All this is just His thinking, and we're the display of His thoughts of what it was.
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§ 147 By the same means... For the world is one of His attributes just the same as you are one of His attributes. The world becomes one of His attributes, because it was God's thinking in the beginning to have a world, to be on a throne, to be a King, to be a Redeemer, to be a Healer. That's His attributes, just like an attribute of you.
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